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3 Results for “Nina”

  • Jewelry Brand (1)

    • 2019



    NINA THE JEWEL’s word of honour are to provide unrivalled customer experience.

  • Hotel (2)

    • 2018

      Ioannina, Greece

    Heritage Hotels Kalari

    KALARI is situated in the heart of the historical center of Ioannina, on a pedestrian street. The building is the 16th century Turkish market converted into a boutique city center hotel. The hotel is decorated with 18th century classical furniture. A historical building of 1800 square meters of old stone facilities and wine cellars.

    • 2018

      Ioannina, Greece

    Hotel Antique

    The perfect name, for the luxury Hotel Antique, which is housed in a gorgeous neoclassical building of 150 years, restored meticulously with an eye to the luxury that is characteristic of a mansion.

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