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  • Spa
    Soul Senses Spa and Wellness – Luxury for the Mind, Body and Soul

    Soul Senses Spa and Wellness believe in a very simple philosophy ‘Hospitality arises from the heart, a body is simply the abode.” They embarked on our journey towards wellness in 2012, only to reach where they are today. Proudly rendering professional & hallmarked services that are constantly upgraded & updated as per the latest trends…

  • SROMAL Architects Brings Home Dreams to Life With Imaginative Creations

      Founded in 2017 by architect LY Sovandarong; registered Ministry of Commerce in 2022, SROMAL Architects has primarily been involved in providing architectural services in and around Cambodia. Proudly being the “solution provider” to their clients, SROMAL Architects designs both aesthetic and functional built environments. In 2022, SROMAL Architects has received the Luxury Lifestyle Awards…

  • Bridal Sets – Engagement + Wedding Ring for Her

      What is a bridal set ring? Well, putting it simply, a bridal set is a ring that is meant to represent the wedding band and engagement ring in one piece. It’s something to consider when you are thinking about popping the question, or perhaps already have and are thinking about what would be the…

  • PREMIUM SM d.o.o. Provides Exclusive Services While You Experience Luxury Island Life

      Staying true to its name – PREMIUM SM d.o.o. provides top quality services – safe and professional mediation in the purchase and sale of apartments, villas, and stone houses, building land, agricultural land,.  The successful real estate agency has, in 2022, been selected by the team at Luxury Lifestyle Awards as winners in the…

  • Swiss Premium Negoce – The Precipice of Luxury Concierge Services

      It’s no secret that Geneva in Switzerland is home to some of the most exclusive luxury brands known globally, as well as high-ranking business centers and many successful international organizations. Established in 2011, Swiss Premium Negoce is a luxury concierge company based in Geneva and was founded with a passion for higher luxury concierge…

  • Fusion Interiors Group: Setting the Standard in the Hospitality Design Industry

      Established in 2007 by CEO Hilary Lancaster, Fusion Interiors Group (FIG) has grown to become an international name with its Global Studios spanning nine cities worldwide. The award-winning company is recognized for pushing boundaries and prides itself on its versatility and ability to produce a unique design specific to the client’s brief, leading the…

  • Remarkable Hotel Design Inspiration from Fusion Interiors Group

      Leading the hospitality industry in design, Fusion Interiors Group (FIG) comprises a global team of over 35 designers in nine cities worldwide. The collection of highly talented designers, each one at the top of their game, makes up this Global Studio which is recognized for creating unique narratives across a diverse range of projects,…

  • Ilot Property Bali – Build Your Dream Villa in Bali

    Ilot Property Bali is the brainchild of founder Jean-Marc, who has more than 12 years of experience in Bali as a successful and well-known developer. The property group consists of an international team who are trained in offering a secure investment for the villa of your dreams. The organization has expertise in four main fields…

  • Ilot Property Bali – Purveyors of Outstanding Villa Developments in Indonesia

    Ilot Property Bali has recently been awarded by the experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Villa Architecture for River side view in Indonesia, 2022, and it’s not hard to see why! The property group consists of an international team, trained in offering a secure investment for its sought-after villas in Bali. The company…

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