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Sustainable Residential Development

    • 2022



    JPS GROUP is an established luxury real estate company based in Portugal. With their competitive values, incredibly high standards, and overarching goal of meeting their clients’ every need, it is understandable that the group has won four Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

    • 2022


    Apes Hill (Barbados) Inc.

    Apes Hill (Barbados) Inc. was established in March 2022, with a mission to develop an area of natural history and beauty overlooking one of the most unique high points in the Caribbean. With its impressive flagship property, Apes Hill Barbados Golf Resort and Community, the company brings together a special community of those that love…

    • 2021

      Hong Kong

    Mount Regalia

    Mount Regalia is an exclusive residential development composed of 24 houses, 7 tower blocks and a 3-storey clubhouse developed by Paliburg Group and Regal Hotels Group.

    • 2021

      Dubai, UAE

    Diamond Developers

    Diamond Developers is operating in real estate development, both residential and commercial areas, following a distinctive strategy to respond to all its customers needs.

    • 2021


    ‘Xalet Tulum’ by Inzigna Capital

    Inzigna Capital since 2009 focused on investing and developing first-rate real estate projects in Mexico.

    • 2021


    Aldea Savia by Onix Living

    Founded in 2015, Onix Living began its activity in Tulum, where it identified a niche market, in which it built and operated a first project in just six months of construction.

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