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Fine Dining Restaurant

  • Mountain Hub Gourmet Luxury Dining
    • 2024


    Mountain Hub Gourmet

    In the heart of Munich Airport, Mountain Hub Gourmet is a Michelin-starred gem, one of the few fine-dining experiences of its caliber found within an airport anywhere in the world. Inspired by a cozy mountain chalet, the warm and inviting space reflects the beauty of nature, fostering a sense of community amidst the airport’s bustling…

    • 2023


    Mountain Hub Gourmet

    Mountain Hub Gourmet is a restaurant of exceptional finesse, serving as a point of convergence for tastes and people from all around the world. Combining modern Bavarian hospitality with top-class gastronomy, the restaurant offers a unique dining experience where the finest regional ingredients meet extraordinary recipes. Located in the heart of Munich Airport, Germany, Mountain…

    • 2022


    Mountain Hub Gourmet

    Located in the Hilton Munich Airport is a culinary experience like no other. Mountain Hub Gourmet is dining at its best and one to be savored in style. The Chef and his team at Mountain Hub Gourmet will transport you into a magical world consisting of an extravagant palate of flavors and wonderous artworks with…

    • 2022


    ​The cave by Chef Ryan Clift

    The cave by Chef Ryan Clift is the latest addition to Indonesia’s luxury fine-dining scene, offering guests a one-of-a-kind subterranean dining experience to remember.

    • 2021

      Saudi Arabia


    An iconic space for forward thinkers and dreamers to meet, share food, and chill

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