IRORI is an iconic space for forward thinkers and dreamers to meet, share food, and chill. Here the Robota rules.

Experience the wonders of contemporary Japanese cuisine and infused by unique flavors of the world.

Irori is the term for the fireplace in a traditional Japanese house, a sunken hearth used as heater and food cooker. It was a part of our life in Japan where food was healthy, simple, and made fresh.
Nowadays, IRORI is practically non existent in Japan. All the way to the heart of Riyadh, inspired by the concept of the ancient travelers who used to craft divine dishes.

IRORI will take you through an exceptional dining experience.

Contemporary Japanese menu made of high quality ingredients imported from their original sources with world class presentation.

Cutting edge elegant decor with a glamorous mezzanine and a breathtaking outdoor dining.

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