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    • 2022


    Agua Mater

    Agua Mater is exceptionally pure and needs only a simple microfiltration before bottling. No sterilization, no additives, no cleaning or industrial processing

    • 2020

      South America

    Puyehue Mineral Water

    Emerging from a thermal spring and prized for its purity and well-balanced taste. Its iconic bottle is inspired in rain falling down ferns in Puyehue

    • 2020

      South America


    Awarded for its purity, mineral composition and high-quality sourcing and bottling standards

    • 2017


    ORO Luxury Water

    High above the rugged mountainous terrain of the Macedonian Alps in South-Eastern Europe hails the award winning source from the spring named Vizianius after the ancient city on the same grounds.

    • 2020

      South America


    Gota is the premium mineral water brand from Argentina. Based on principles of sustainable development and customisation. We specialize in the creation of artistic, custom-made editions for luxury hotels, gourmet stores and premium brands. Every drop counts: We use only 100% recyclable materials and help rural schools get access to safe water in Argentina.

    • 2020

      South America

    Andes Mountain Water

    The “A” water source brings to the bottle water that has percolated and filtered thru the ground from the Andes mountains for 20 years, hence its very balanced mineral content and softness.

    • 2020



    Cedea is a first-class quality water. It’s absolutely natural and it’s also harvested in the most natural way. It gushes out with its own energy, flowing from a rock fracture. It’s possible to watch it and hear it coming to life!

    • 2020



    The Perlage bottling plant has a unique Water & Wine restaurant concept. It has been created as a meeting place as well as water-pairing training venue for catering professionals and fine dining enthusiasts. The idea was to combine the highest quality water with well-selected wine and excellent food.

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