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Agua Mater

  • 2022


Category: Best Luxury Water in Chile 2022

Entirely family-run business Agua Mater was launched to provide the people of Magallanes with the highest quality of pure mineral water. This unique natural water originates in the heart of Patagonia in Chile, deep beneath the surface of the earth in a free aquifer composed of rock and sand that the advances and retreats of glaciers have created. This natural environment in the southernmost region of the world, which boasts some of the cleanest air in Latin America, is the perfect home for the highest quality of natural water.

The company is committed to bottling at source using a non-invasive extraction and bottling line to demonstrate their solid environmentally-friendly production process. All water undergoes rigorous quality tests to guarantee that it is not altered too much from the purity of its origins. This exceptional purity means that Agua Mater only needs simple microfiltration before bottling with no need for cleaning, industrial processing, sterilization, or additives.

Agua Mater’s purity is its trademark. The slight minerality of calcium and silica gives the water a light flavor and smooth texture on the palate. The unique neutral pH also gives Agua Mater a clean, subtle taste. The combination of these properties makes for a unique product that is ethically produced and allows the region’s people to enjoy a balanced, healthy, and refreshing mineral water brand.

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