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Wossa isn’t just water; it’s an experience. Remarkably light (13mg/l TDS), it boasts a youthful freshness, unlike its heavier counterparts. Hand-bottled at a small facility in Austria, Wossa’s journey begins at a protected Marble Spring, 1110 meters high in the pristine Lavanttal valley of Carinthia. The water flows naturally by gravity, untouched by mechanical pumps. Low in sodium & high in oxygen, Wossa delivers pure refreshment. 

The water speaks for itself, using a unique first-person voice to showcase its personality. “I am young, fresh, and light. I am Wossa,” it declares. This extends beyond taste, with a luxurious presentation that elevates the dining experience. The thick glass bottle, crowned with a natural wood cap and a paper label, is a tactile delight, a reminder that gourmet experiences engage all five senses. 

The water champions variety in water, believing it can elevate a dish like wine. This philosophy extends to sustainability – offered in glass bottles and, recently, recycled aluminum cans. 

Wossa isn’t new to the spotlight. Partnering with Falstaff, the DACH region’s culinary authority, the water graces events like the Sparkling Wine Gala and water-pairing tastings. It finds a home in renowned restaurants like Sol Beach Club and Domäne Lilienberg. 

A proud member of the Fine Water Society, Wossa is Made in Austria, ensuring the highest quality standards and a commitment to exceptional taste. 

Wossa invites you to discover a new dimension of water – an experience that tantalizes your taste buds and flatters your senses. It’s more than water; it’s Wossa. 

Austrian natural spring water
Premium Water in Austria


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