National Fashion Designer

    • 2015


    Kwankao label is commonly known as a Thai luxury goods company run and chaired by businesswoman Kwankao Svetavimala who is also well-known for different roles from a television host, a singer, a musician to a A-List celebrity.

    • 2015


    Zeina Slaiby

    Zeina Slaiby is a Lebanon-based fashion designer. She became interested in fashion at a very young age, and began making her own creations while she was still a teenager.

    • 2015


    An expression of feminine grace, a celebration of an eternal love, a whole new embodiment of style and elegance; we are Diva’ni, India’s first cinema inspired fashion brand. The lovechild of the movie giant Yash Raj Films and 65-year-old fashion mogul KBSH, Diva’ni aspires to create awe-inspiring Indian fashion.

    • 2015

    Patricia Santos Couture

    Patricia Santos is a young fashion designer based in the Philippines. She graduated from La Salle College International where she majored in Fashion Design. Patricia is a go-to designer for both private and public events. In 2012 at the age of 23, Patricia opened her wedding fashion line.

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