• 2020


    Loewe BILD 7.65

    Loewe is a leading international brand for television sets and consumer electronics based in Kronach, Franconia. The company has shaped the television industry since it was founded in 1923, the year in which radio was introduced in Germany.

    • 2019

      South Korea


    LG Electronics was established in 1958 and has since led the way into the advanced digital era thanks to the technological expertise acquired by manufacturing many home appliances such as radios and TVs.

    • 2019



    You don’t need to hear everything. But it’s good if you can. Personalised premium sound on all Loewe TVs. A great innovation – for a perfect, customised television experience.

    • 2019



    The company was founded in 1918 as a producer of lightbulb sockets and has grown to become one of the largest Japanese electronics producers worldwide. It produces top-quality electronic devices.

    • 2019

      South Korea


    Samsung is committed to create a better world full of richer digital experiences, through innovative technology and products, dedicating their efforts to creativity and innovation. The company has delivered world best products and services through passion for innovation.

    • 2019



    In 1946, Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K.K. (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation, the predecessor of Sony) started as a small company with capital of just 190,000 yen and approximately 20 employees. Founder Masaru Ibuka said the purpose of setting up the company was to “establish an ideal factory
    that stresses a spirit of freedom and open mindedness that will, through technology, contribute to Japanese culture.” Symbolizing Sony’s spirit of challenge to “do what has never been done before”, the company has continued to release countless “Japan’s first” and “world’s first” products.

    • 2018



    Visual impact isn’t just about pleasing the eyes. Our ears are also crucial in shaping our perception of reality. By combining stunning image quality with exceptional sound, Bang & Olufsen TVs deliver experiences that are way beyond the sum of its dimensions. Lean back and experience TV with powerful sound, channeled through dedicated audio features. Imposing bass, custom drivers and powerful ICEpower amplifiers, honed and harnessed for an acoustic experience that’s felt from top to toe.

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