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Travel Concierge

    • 2024

      Dubai, UAE

    FM Concierge Dubai

    In the vibrant tapestry of Dubai’s urban landscape, FM Concierge Dubai has established a name for itself as the premier purveyor of luxury travel experiences.  Founded on April 15, 2019, under the visionary leadership of Owner and General Manager, Fernanda Miras, the company has continually set new standards of opulence and sophistication. At the core…

  • Heaven Luxury Concierge
    • 2024


    Heaven Luxury Concierge

    Heaven Luxury, the first premium lifestyle concierge service in Cyprus, elevates the concept of luxury beyond a mere aspiration. Founded by renowned French footballer Yoann Tribeau, Heaven Luxury caters to discerning individuals seeking an unparalleled experience on the idyllic island. Tribeau’s vision is to position Cyprus as a world-class luxury destination, and Heaven Luxury embodies…

    • 2022


    Blue Safari Seychelles

    The experiences and encounters Blue Safari Seychelles offers cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. Guests are led by teams of marine biologists and environmentalists.

    • 2022

      United Arab Emirates

    FM Concierge Dubai

    The FM Concierge Dubai was founded in 2018 by Fernanda Miras, around the same time Dubai and Brazil issued a non-visa agreement. This makes travel to and from Dubai even more effortless than before. The clientele of FM Concierge Dubai consists of mainly high-net-worth individuals, artists, politicians, and other VIPs. By knowing the needs and…

    • 2022


    One Luxury Day

    One Luxury Day provides a personal consultant that, in a very short time, is able to plan and organize any kind of events, business trips, private parties, incentives for employees, gifts and experiences of all kinds.

    • 2021

      United Arab Emirates

    FM Concierge Dubai

    Bespoke business & leisure travel itineraries for High end customers, VIPs, artists and politicians, ranging from executive jet charters, yachts and real estate

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