Olive Oil

    • 2020



    BRIST extra virgin olive oils, are all domestically produced from traditionally native Istrian olive sorts. These olives have been grown for thousands of years on this small peninsula with its uniquely suited micro-climate. The combination of perfect sunlight, light rain, nutrient rich soil and fresh sea salted winds give this small region unsurpassed olive growing conditions and now a growing reputation again for world class oils. It is known that during the time of ancient Rome, Istrian olive oil was considered, throughout the empire, to be the finest.

    • 2020


    Olio Zo

    The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Olio Zo, produced on this sunlit Mediterranean island whose ancient tradition of olive cultivation endures until now as an essential part of its present-day culture. This premium quality organic product exemplifies the excellence that can be achieved when a genuine respect for the gifts of nature is united with a strong commitment to the values of a professionally run and family-owned olive oil practice.

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