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Innovation Meets Tradition: Jidvei Crowned Among the World’s Elite

TOP 100 Premium Wine & Spirits Brands


In a resounding triumph for Jidvei, a distinguished family business with a legacy spanning 75 years, Luxury Lifestyle Awards has bestowed upon them the prestigious title of one of the TOP 100 Premium Wine and Spirits Brands of the World, 2023. This recognition is a testament to Jidvei’s unwavering commitment to excellence, respect for viniculture, and the preservation of Transylvania’s rich winemaking heritage. 

Jidvei embodies history, tradition, and craftsmanship, intricately woven into the fabric of Transylvania’s winemaking legacy. Beyond the remarkable attributes of its heritage, Jidvei seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology and fosters a culture of relentless innovation. This harmonious blend positions Jidvei as a frontrunner in the industry, where tradition and technology merge to elevate the quality of products and experiences. 

Processing over 25 million kg of grapes annually, Jidvei’s plantations, authorized by ONVPV, yield wines with controlled designation of origin – DOC. The brand consistently receives accolades at prestigious international competitions such as Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Decanter World Wine Awards, London Wine Competition, International Wine and Spirits Competition, and more. Jidvei’s commitment to quality is underscored by the medals earned year after year. 

Jidvei’s innovative approach extends to its vine nursery, the first private vine school in Romania, producing 5 million grafted vines annually. Using planting material primarily sourced from its own plantations, the nursery plays a pivotal role in producing high-quality wines. Moreover, Jidvei employs grape pomace for biofuel production, completing the circular nature of their vertical integration strategy. 

As Jidvei proudly joins the exclusive ranks of Luxury Lifestyle Awards’ TOP 100 Premium Wine & Spirits Brands of the World, 2023, we invite enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and curious minds to explore the exceptional range of Jidvei wines.  

“It is with immense gratitude and joy that I accept the honor of Jidvei being recognized among the Top 100 Premium Wine & Spirits Brands of the World, 2023 by Luxury Lifestyle Awards,” said Claudiu Necșulescu, owner of Jidvei. “This accolade is a testament to the dedication of the entire Jidvei family, our commitment to excellence, and our harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. This award further fuels our passion to continue crafting exceptional wines that embody the rich traditions and innovations of Transylvanian winemaking.” 

Immerse yourself in the rich traditions, experience the innovation, and savor the distinctive flavors that have captivated audiences globally. 

Visit Jidvei’s website at https://www.jidvei.ro/ to discover the artistry, craftsmanship, and heritage that define this esteemed brand. 


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