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Luxury Experience

    • 2024

      Prague, Czech Republic

  • Original beer spa
    • 2023

      Prague, Czech Republic

    Original Beer Spa

    Step into a world of unparalleled relaxation and indulge in a unique spa experience at Original Beer Spa. Located in the heart of Prague, this one-of-a-kind concept brings together the art of brewing and the art of relaxation, creating an oasis for beer enthusiasts, wellness seekers, and cultural explorers alike. Original Procedure: Immerse yourself in…

    • 2022

      Prague, Czech Republic

    Original Beer Spa

    Category: Best Luxury Experience (Beer Spa) in Prague, Czech Republic Original Beer Spa is an award-winning concept and high-quality brand on the market of wellness and spas worldwide. Original Beer Spa was founded in the Czech Republic and is now a global brand, operating a number of spas. The company won Luxury Lifestyle Awards in…

    • 2019

      Prague, Czech Republic

    Original Beer Spa

    Experience an award-winning original beer spa concept with excellent service and treatments based on the exclusive use of natural ingredients, materials and old medical procedures.

    • 2018

      Czech Republic

    Original Beer Spa

    Original Beer Spa in central Prague offers the unique opportunity to enjoy the health benefits of bathing in beer. During the visit, guests are afforded private use of a 1,000 litre handmade Royal Oak whirlpool tub.

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