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Villa Architecture

  • B8 Architecture
    • 2024

      Dubai, UAE

    B8 Architecture

    Founded by visionary architect Kristina Bråteng, B8 Architecture stands at the forefront of luxury residential design, blending innovation with meticulous craftsmanship across global projects. With headquarters spanning the UAE and Spain, B8 Architecture offers comprehensive design and consultancy services tailored for luxurious residential projects and master plans. Their multidisciplinary team of architects, designers, and engineers…

    • 2023

      Madrid, Spain

    B8 Architecture

    B8 Architecture is a renowned consultancy firm specializing in Urban Planning, Architecture, Engineering, and Interior Design. With its base in Dubai and headquarters in Spain (Madrid and Marbella), the company has earned global recognition for its exceptional work. Notably, B8 Architecture was honored with the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Villa Architecture in Madrid,…

TOP 100 Architects and Designers

  • B8 Architecture
    • 2023


    B8 Architecture

    B8 Architecture, an esteemed Urban Planning, Architecture, Engineering, and Interior Design consultancy firm achieved significant acclaim by being named among the Top 100 Architects and Designers of the World for the second consecutive year. Based in Spain, with a notable presence in Dubai, the firm is globally recognized for its exquisite designs, routinely surpassing client…

    • 2022

      Dubai, UAE


    Based in Dubai, the international multi-award-winning design studio of B8 Architecture is a global hub filled with international projects. As a result of the growing demands in the international market for exclusive and quality designs, Kristina Brateng founded B8 Architecture in 2015 with its headquarters in Spain. In 2018 B8 Architecture went on to open another design studio in Dubai to…

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