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Based in Dubai, the international multi-award-winning design studio of B8 Architecture is a global hub filled with international projects. As a result of the growing demands in the international market for exclusive and quality designs, Kristina Brateng founded B8 Architecture in 2015 with its headquarters in Spain. In 2018 B8 Architecture went on to open another design studio in Dubai to expand the company’s reach.

Kristina Brateng is filled with a passion for architecture and is a specialist in the art of design allowing her to surpass the wildest dreams of her clients. B8 Architecture offers multi-faceted design and consultancy services all over the world, which is made possible by an extremely talented team consisting of more than 30 professionals in the fields of architecture, design, and engineering. Its specialized team ensures the management of unique and complex one-of-a-kind luxurious residential projects as well as master plans from conception to handover for its esteemed clients.

During the past few years, B8 Architecture has set its name as one of the most exclusive and prestigious architectural design firms worldwide setting standards with its design and development of high-end luxury villas, urban planning, detailed architecture, engineering, and interior designs. B8 Architecture’s main goal has always been to go above and beyond the requirements and expectations of its customers, making all their dreams come true.

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