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Working From Home – Featuring Design One Office and Home complex

Design One Studio founded in 2011 by Managing Director and Architect Dhananjana Ameresekere (Dan), is a manifestation of a family man’s childhood dream come to life. Dan’s years of experience in the field of architecture both internationally and locally, working closely with renowned architects since the early 2000s and his strong belief that his studio can make a difference in the field of design and architecture have all served as prerequisites for making this studio what it is today- The recipient of the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle awards 2021 for Best Luxury Architect Studio.

Situated in Nawala, a hub for construction materials in Colombo, Design One Studio, to be put simply is a fusion of two worlds- home with office, nature with the manufactured, outside with inside and heaven with earth.

In a world of commotion, congestion and pollution, Design One Studio has shown us that free-space, natural ventilation and tranquility are still a luxury that can be afforded in the 21st century.

The heart of the studio, the first floor, with its double height and large workspace is where designs first begin to take form. The ambience of this space favours teamwork and freedom to think creatively without failing to offer its members privacy for individual work, rest and meals. Natural light flows in from all four sides and above by way of skylight enhancing the creative spirit. The studio is fortified with model-making rooms for building prototypes, a well-equipped library and boardrooms for meeting with clients all for the purpose of providing the best service possible.

A getaway to the rooftop garden welcomes designers with its greenery, clear Lankan skies, and beautiful evening view. It serves as a multifunctional space for youth and company events as well as cross-fit sessions for the team for general well-being and health!

A client taking the stairs to the studio is given a glimpse of what heaven would look like should there be light at the end of the tunnel. Or the sliding double doors opening to luscious greenery and free space would welcome them to the first floor of the home complex. Here’s where the blurring of boundaries occurs, where nature washes into the shores of home. Where the fresh air from the outside flows right in unhindered.

Board meetings, post-covid, have shifted to this complex where natural ventilation and open space have added a safe, yet informal and homely touch to the otherwise rigid form these meetings conventionally tend to take. Double glass doors in the dining area, provide cross ventilation, which not only helps keep the atmosphere fresh but also provides a good gush of natural light from both sides. Working from home has certainly taken on a different meaning at Design One Studio, where a possible stress inducer, has become a loose, relaxed affair. Dan and his team at Design One continue to rethink, renew and dream ahead committing to provide its clients with the best service they can offer in terms of expertise and novel designs.


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