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With Tailor-made Designs, Furnishing and Architecture, ST CONCEPTS are Leaders in the Asian Market


ST CONCEPTS was born in 2002 from the minds of the passionate design pioneers, Simon Yew and Terence Tang. Ideally located in Georgetown on Penang Island, Malaysia, the company strives to provide bespoke, superior interior designs, furnishing, and architecture to its clients from all over the region. ST CONCEPTS has duly been selected by Luxury Lifestyle Awards as a winner for Best Luxury Residential Interior Design for Foreston Bukit Puchong in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2022.

Led by Simon Yew, a renowned interior designer, and his business-inclined partner Terrance Tang, the successful firm operates in major Asian metropolitans such as Singapore, Bangkok, and Shanghai. From residences and commercial spaces to luxurious yachts, the talented team is ready and able to provide any discerning client with cutting-edge design and architectural solutions.

The location of the design outfit is significant, as it serves as a never-ending inspiration to the founders, with its interesting architecture, mesmerizing landscapes, and modern mix of cultures.

While the ST is an acronym of the names of the 2 founders, it also stands for 3 words that they like to refer to as aptly describing the firm’s designs – strong, strategic, and stimulating. 

The influential company provides a complete list of sophisticated, luxurious, and tailored interior design and furnishing services for a variety of outfits. These include exhibition projects,  private residences, hospitality ventures, retail endeavors, and corporate developments.

ST CONCEPTS perfects these services and offerings by always adhering to their 3 main philosophies: “From impossible to possible”; “We listen, we communicate, we create”; and “Nothing is impossible”.

The company’s work has been featured in many luxury interior design magazines, proving that the world of design has immense respect for them. They have also won countless awards for their uncompromising attention to detail and ingenious design methods that they utilize in executing projects – they have won The Designer of the Year Award an impressive 5 times.

“We want to extend a huge thank you to the wonderful professionals at Luxury Lifestyle Awards. This award means so much to us. We put a lot of thought and time into every single project, and it’s wonderful to be recognized for this work. We look forward to taking on many new, exciting projects in the future! Impossible is only an opinion, not a fact”, say founders Simon Yew and Terence Tang.

Visit https://st-concepts.com/ and find out more about ST CONCEPTS and their thought-provoking works.


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