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Ousai Venus Garden Properties Wins Best Luxury Mixed-Use Community Development for The Venus Garden Project in Cyprus

Venus Garden Project


Luxury Lifestyle Awards, the world-renowned authority on luxury experiences, has awarded Ousai Venus Garden Properties LTD the prestigious title of Best Luxury Mixed-Use Community Development for its visionary project, The Venus Garden Project, located in Cyprus. 

Ousai Venus Garden Properties LTD is a subsidiary of Ousai Properties LTD, a leading provider of high-end real estate experiences. Their mission is to curate extraordinary living spaces, meticulously designed to elevate lifestyles and redefine the art of luxury living. 

The Venus Garden Project upscales the boundaries of residential development, offering a captivating lifestyle experience. This meticulously designed mixed-use community seamlessly integrates 11 super villas, 9 townhouses, and 3 apartment buildings, all nestled within a sprawling 21,000-square-meter landscape. Its elevated position boasts panoramic vistas, stretching from Pyrgos to the Limassol port, creating a truly breathtaking backdrop. 

The essence of The Venus Garden Project lies in its emphasis on fostering a vibrant community. Thoughtfully designed communal spaces, including two expansive swimming pools, a luxurious spa, and a fully equipped gym beneath the pool area, provide residents with unparalleled opportunities for connection and leisure. 

The project takes this concept a step further by strategically positioning the flats amidst lush gardens and sparkling pools. This innovative layout cultivates a sense of shared green spaces, fostering a close-knit community atmosphere. Furthermore, the project incorporates four public green areas accessible to both residents and the public, solidifying its commitment to fostering a harmonious and inclusive environment. 

The Venus Garden Project is not merely a haven for sophisticated living; it’s a testament to visionary architecture and environmental responsibility. The project features a contemporary aesthetic, characterized by a blend of minimalist design, fair-faced concrete, and travertine stone cladding. This not only creates a modern and elegant feel but prioritizes the use of durable materials, reducing the need for frequent renovations and minimizing resource consumption. 

The project’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond material selection. Innovative building methods and strategically placed green spaces contribute to exceptional energy efficiency. The clever integration of underground parking further minimizes the environmental footprint, preserving green spaces and promoting a more sustainable urban environment. 

Ousai Venus Garden Properties’ triumph at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a well-deserved recognition of their exceptional vision. The Venus Garden Project is a symbol of innovation, offering residents a luxurious lifestyle seamlessly intertwined with a strong sense of community and a commitment to environmental responsibility. 


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