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This is What Happens When Meditteranean Tradition Meets South American Flair

Olivícola Laur has become one of the most important olive oil producers in the world. One of the olive oil produced by Laur pleases every discerning palate, making it one of the most sought after brands in the world. This is why Laur Cruz de Piedra has been named as a winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards  in the category of The Best Luxury Olive Oils in the World .

In 1906 Don Francisco Laur settled in Mendoza, planted olive trees, and founded the Mendocinian olive oil factory. Today those Arauco olive groves are now producing award-winning olive oil. Using a continuous centrifugal extraction system Cruz de Piedra is a culmination of all that experience, refining and treating olives to perfection and presenting an oil that has less than 0.5% acidity. Laur Cruz de Piedra Blend de Terroir is a blend made from the varieties Arbequina, Frantoio and the Argentinian Arauco. With fruity aromas of green olives, and an intense presence of apple and banana, in the mouth it is a light, sweet oil with a predominance of green notes of freshly cut grass, spicy and bitter with a marked presence but at the same time delicate on the palate.

It´s also gluten-free, and kosher and organic certified. It pairs well with green vegetable starters, sweet meat like pork and even intensifies the flavour of vanilla ice cream. Cruz de Piedra excels in all the elements that confirm it as an excellent virgin extra olive oil.

“The last years have been an exciting time for Olivícola Laur, we are proud of the journey we have taken in producing Laur Cruz de Piedra Blend de Terroir. Its taste and quality is the culmination of the effort we have all put in, the vision we have embraced with the owners of the company, and our commitment to the highest standards of excellence. We are very happy and profoundly honored for being recognised by Luxury Lifestyle Awards and we continue to develop such a rich and varied range of olive oils,” said Gabriel Guardia, oenologist specialized in olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and Olivicola Laur´s general manager.

Argentina’s Mendoza region has long been one of the most important wine regions in the world. A poor terroir so good for growing grapes produces fantastic olives too. Visitors to this hundred-year-old factory can taste this award-winning olive oil, a wide variety of extra virgin oils, vinegars, olives and its own-brand malbec. Argentinian olive oil might be late arrivals on the world stage, but they are every bit as sophisticated as their Spanish and Italian counterparts. When Laur owner José Millán took the reins of the business in 2010 making a promise to become the best olive oil factory in Argentina. This year Laur Cruz de Piedra has surpassed his vision by becoming one of the most renowned olive oils in the world.

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