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AURA Communications: Promoting the Best of Luxury to the World


The luxury industry does not compromise on the quality of products and services. The exceptional experiences provided by high-end brands are worthy of being seen, heard, spoken, and known about. In order to provide quality, highly targeted promotion to representatives of the luxury sector, the global award Luxury Lifestyle Awards announces its new official PR Agency – AURA Communications, a boutique lifestyle digital PR agency for highly specific customers.

AURA Communications is a digital PR agency with a global reach based in New York City. AURA Communications offers tailor-made solutions that allow clients to promote their high-end brands and get information about them to the appropriate target audience through the channel of their choice.

The agency has developed a marketing model called AURA Effect. It involves the formation of a brand image through advanced PR strategies and campaigns, which will be carried out by a team of dedicated PR managers with good media contacts in each main country and region.

Basic services that are offered by AURA Communications are the creation of high-quality targeted content and its distribution through a powerful network of media sources. The agency’s team produces articles, reviews, interviews, newsletters, and blog posts that are being distributed through local and global media, industry-specific influencers, online media, and multicultural publications.

Besides from the above mentioned, AURA Communications provides media relations (press visits, journalist meetings, press kit development), social media management (audit, strategy setting, community building), collaboration with influencers, and joint marketing with other luxury brands. The opportunity to use the agency’s potential will allow clients to enhance their brand, which in turn will dramatically enhance their lead generations, sales, and more.

“Today, the luxury industry is going through challenging times, and it is important for premium brands not only to offer exceptional high-end products and services but also to provide them with appropriate promotion. At AURA Communications, we have assembled a team of professionals who will be happy to help the most deserving brands expand their audience,” said Olha Kipiani, Senior Manager.

The agency specializes in 5 main segments, namely Travel & Hospitality, Real Estate & Architecture, Health & Beauty, Food & Beverages, and Lifestyle. AURA Communications clients’ stories are shared with 10,000 journalists, in 170 countries, and 10,000 websites. For 2021, the agency plans to significantly increase the number of media partners and establish new cooperative relationships with influencers, celebrities, and bloggers.

The collaboration with AURA Communications will bring Winners of Luxury Lifestyle Awards global promotion, increased audience, and brand awareness.


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