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SROMAL Architects Brings Home Dreams to Life With Imaginative Creations


Founded in 2017 by architect LY Sovandarong; registered Ministry of Commerce in 2022, SROMAL Architects has primarily been involved in providing architectural services in and around Cambodia. Proudly being the “solution provider” to their clients, SROMAL Architects designs both aesthetic and functional built environments. In 2022, SROMAL Architects has received the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Architecture (Residential Development) for Borey ELT – Courtyard 60m in Cambodia.

With a motto of “Modernizing Tomorrow’s Architecture Today’, SROMAL Architects strives to bring fiction to reality with their outstanding works. The architecture firm has an array of services that they offer to their clients, and with each endeavor, they aim to understand the exact needs of every client. Their specialties include architecture, building structure design, exterior design, interior design, landscape design, third-party rendering, renovation, construction, and consultancy.

SROMAL Architects believes in listening to their imaginations and allowing every dream from the imagination to become the lived future – for them and for their clients, and this is done together with a dedicated team and business partners. Respecting every individual’s effort and input, they relish in new challenges.

Their extraordinary project, Borey ELT – Courtyard 60m, is in the Dangkor District, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

As the solo architect firm working on this project, the company started design work on this new build in May 2021. Construction started in May 2022, and it is projected to be completed by June 2024. SROMAL Architects are responsible for the project’s design and are working closely with the developer, ELT Development. SROMAL Architects’ major contributions to this work include master plan design, architectural design, interior design, and landscape design.

The standout features of Borey ELT – Courtyard 60m are the minimalist and tropical environment design, which generates a chord of a cozy, homely, and luxurious comfortable life.

“We are so humbled to have been selected for this honor by Luxury Lifestyle Awards. Thank you for choosing our hard-working firm. We are so lucky to have a talented team, and partners that are so loyal to us,” says company founder, architect LY Sovandarong.

Visit SROMAL Architects’ website for more on their diverse projects: https://sromal.asia/


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