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SO/ Bangkok Celebrates International Sustainability Awards Win for Groundbreaking Initiatives


SO/ Bangkok, a luxury hotel in Thailand has been awarded a 2024 International Sustainability Awards. The hotel offers guests a unique and enriching experience that aligns with modern values of environmental stewardship and inclusivity. The prestigious recognition was awarded to the company for complex sustainability initiatives showcasing their holistic approach to sustainability and social responsibility.

Since 2023, SO/ Bangkok has emerged as a leader in eco-friendly hospitality. With a commitment to sustainability that permeates every aspect of its operations, the hotel has implemented a series of impactful initiatives, including:

Electric Car Charging Stations: Promoting eco-friendly transportation, the hotel has installed charging stations for electric vehicles, supporting guests in reducing their carbon footprint.

Zero Plastic Usage: Demonstrating a strong commitment to minimizing environmental impact, SO/ Bangkok has eliminated plastic use, opting instead for sustainable materials throughout its facilities.

Sustainable MICE Setup: The hotel’s Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) facilities are designed with sustainability in mind, utilizing resources efficiently and significantly reducing waste. The highlight of these facilities is their large LED screen in the ballroom which guests can use free of charge. The screen reduces waste from a traditional backdrop or flower waste from events such as wedding receptions. Guests also save on having to rent an LED screen.

SO/ Bangkok’s sustainability efforts are comprehensive, encompassing various innovative and socially responsible practices. Highlights include:

Sustainable Valentine’s Gesture: Instead of traditional cut roses, the hotel offers guests mini-DIY garden kits on Valentine’s Day, promoting sustainable love and green living.

LED Lighting Throughout: The entire hotel is illuminated with energy-efficient LED lighting, significantly reducing energy consumption and contributing to a lower carbon footprint.

Support for Diversity and Women Leadership: Committed to fostering an inclusive and progressive workplace, SO/ Bangkok promotes diversity and empowers women in leadership roles.

SO/ Bangkok is dedicated to expanding its sustainability initiatives and continuing to set new standards in the hospitality industry. Future plans include:

  • Integrating Renewable Energy Sources
  • Enhancing Waste Management
  • Expanding Green Spaces
  • Developing Sustainable Supply Chains
  • Launching Community Engagement Programs

SO/ Bangkok’s sustainability initiatives are measured through various metrics, including energy consumption and savings, carbon footprint reduction, and community engagement. The hotel tracks these metrics annually, showcasing significant improvements and setting benchmarks for the industry.

“Thank you to the ISA team for this wonderful award. We are passionate about our sustainability efforts and achievements, and hope are honored to have our efforts recognized. We are forever trying to find more eco-friendly solutions, to save the future of our planet”, says Nattaya Chanvithee, Director of Marketing and Communications.

By leading by example, SO/ Bangkok not only enhances its own sustainability credentials but also inspires other hotels and businesses to adopt similar practices. Through guest engagement, community involvement, and industry collaboration, SO/ Bangkok plays a pivotal role in promoting sustainability awareness and education, contributing to global environmental goals.

Visit https://www.so-bangkok.com/ to learn more.


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