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If you’re used to traditional architectural forms, you might first find designs by Aamer Architects too unconventional. But if you consider them from the perspective of context and respect for nature, you may discover the true harmony of these unexpected curves and architectural gymnastics. The firm’s works show that creative freedom and revision of typical guidelines can generate aesthetically appealing and functional building projects. The dedicated team of professionals has been demonstrating its commitment to excellence for more than 25 years, and this year Aamer Architects confirmed its high status by becoming the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Architect and Interior Design Studio in Singapore.

Aamer Taher, Singaporean, established his architectural practice, Aamer Architects, in 1994 upon his return from studies in London and after several years of practice in reputable firms in the UK and Singapore, as he saw an opportunity to bring a different approach to Design and Architecture.

Aamer sees himself as an Artist with a soul, operating in an environment dominated by large corporations, more concerned with bottom-line profitability.

Between attending schools and interning with firms, Aamer managed to indulge in the Arts, whether it was painting, pottery, or roaming through the best museums all over Europe.

Although implicitly aware that a lifelong pursuit of an artist may not always fill the rice bowl, he remains adamant to relish in the importance of Art in life and the power it has to improve one’s well- being.

And this inclusion of Art into his personal psyche became a very important part of his journey as an Architect starting his own practice.

Aamer Architects has received various awards in architecture and design many times throughout its existence and has also won the trust of numerous clients. The experts of Luxury Lifestyle Awards strongly support this recognition, as each project of Mr. Taher and his team has its own unique and extremely remarkable features. There is something constant in all works of Aamer Taher and his team – it is the desire to create beautiful and functional buildings and trying new ways and forms to fulfill it.


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