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Portugal Confidential Your One-Stop Shop

Portugal Confidential is a niche online content publisher that features all that is cool, contemporary, and cutting-edge about Europe’s westernmost country. With its design to attract a sophisticated audience, its content strategy features luxury hotels, fine dining, designer shopping, trendy bars, and other upscale activities. Portugal Confidential has its readers at heart, wanting them to experience the best that Portugal has to offer through a contemporary cosmopolitan perspective. It is for this reason that Luxury Lifestyle Awards has presented Portugal Confidential with the award for Best Luxury Lifestyle Media Platform in Portugal 2023. 

For the past decade, Portugal Confidential has sought out the best, most interesting, and most memorable visits in the country – from Porto to Lisbon, Douro Valley to Sintra, Alentejo to Algarve, and Madeira to Azores. Allured by its unique settings and natural richness, it collaborates with authorities, hotels, and event planners to offer an unparalleled guided travel journey in Portugal that brings out nature’s raw beauty for all curious tourists. Portugal Confidential’s passion for authenticity is second only to its unparalleled eye for perfection which attracts many luxury travelers. With its vibrant and professional team at the helm of your next holiday escapade in Portugal, there will be no treasures left untold! 

When Portugal Confidential’s founder Greg Boegner relocated to the Algarve in 2008, he was drawn in by the country’s richness in culture and high quality of life. At that time, it was a relatively unknown location for travelers. As a result, launching Portugal Confidential allowed him to explore and share the many wonders of the country, from stunning castles and traditional cafes to unique villages and vibrant cosmopolitan restaurants. Portugal Confidential offers clients special experiences that can’t be found elsewhere. The team at Portugal Confidential gets pleasure out of discovering hidden gems and sharing their discoveries with those who want something truly unique. 

When traveling a long way, you expect the best: quality accommodation and an impeccable level of service. That’s why Portugal Confidential only collaborates with the highest quality suppliers. Its portfolio of hotels offers unparalleled comfort, luxury, and style. Their chauffeurs and tour guides are experienced and reliable professionals. Portugal Confidential curates its tours to ensure an unforgettable experience that caters to personal preferences, while its concierge picks, will ensure mouth-watering and captivating meals, drinks, views, cafes, shopping experiences, and culture – all while keeping your standards of excellence in mind. 

“We are honored to win this award from Luxury Lifestyle Awards. We are incredibly grateful for all the support we have received from our partners, sponsors, contributors, and readers throughout the years. We anticipate many more great years in the future,” says Portugal Confidential’s Owner, Director, and Founder, Greg Boegner. 

To find out more about Portugal Confidential visit their website at http://travel.portugalconfidential.com/  

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