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“Passenger’s Health, Safety, And Comfort Are Our Priorities” – An Interview With The CEO Of Private Jets Europe

For many in the travel and hospitality industry, the last 3 years brought a lot of challenges. Yet, the private jet industry has not stood still during the pandemic crisis. “Business kept going, and now, levels are back to pre-Covid,” says Cristian Frasin – CEO Private Jets Europe.

Even though it is well known that private jets are for wealthy clientele, Private Jets Europe was one of the companies that worked throughout lockdown, operating medical flights or helping people to repatriate.

Private Jets Europe started 15 years ago, and provides private jet services to HNWIs, businesses, but also MEDEVAC flights.  Private Jets Europe proudly raises the bar and exceeds the standard for luxury and corporate private jet charter services, offering a wide range of professional services.

At its most basic, aviation is about flying passengers from A to B. Unlike this, private aviation is about creating a 360 degree experience. Boarding a private jet comes with a deep sense of safety, serenity, and freedom. That’s also Private Jets Europe‘s motto: “passenger’s health, safety, and comfort are our priorities”, accordingly to CEO Cristian Frasin.

In 2010 Private Jets Europe opened also an internal travel agency, Private Luxury Travel. This way, the company can cover a full range of services, on air and on ground.  In cooperation with 5 star hotels (most of them from Leading Hotels of the World), and with top ground service suppliers, the company offers a pampering experience to the clients.

The company provides a full range of VIP concierge services: travel arrangements (hotel bookings, restaurant bookings, local transfers, entertainment tickets), limousine transfers to and from the airport, VIP pass through the airports, “Meet & Greet” services, organize special events. All the suppliers are carefully chosen, to ensure the best services for the client.

A recognizable characteristic of the company business model within the private aviation sector, is that the company does not own or operate aircraft.

“This is also one of the keys to our success. The main advantage is that we do not depend on a particular aircraft or operator, but we can access a wide range of planes, from multiple carriers. We are prepared with plenty of options for any type of requirements, and depending on the number of people on board, flying distance and budget, we have a solution to any request”, says CEO Cristian Frasin.

The aircraft Private Jets Europe generally uses,  vary from small ones with 5-6 seats, during flight up to 3.5 hours, to supermid-sized with 7-9 seats, comfortably during flights of up to six hours, and also to heavy jets, up to 15 seats, for long range trips.

The Private Jets Europe experience starts when you book your flight. Cristian Frasin says the company can access any type of aircraft in less than 30 minutes, thanks to the cooperation with the  #1 private jet sourcing & booking platform, that connects 900+ operators, 7000+ aircraft, 8500+ destinations. All such charter flights are operated by FAA certified Part 135 air carriers and Private Jets Europe acts as a private jet broker.

Private Jets Europe can provide to the passenger a wide range of VIP Concierge services that can enhance their experience.

“Last year it has been a super-busy one for private jet industry. More and more people are taking the private route for comfort and security,” remarks CEO Cristian Frasin.


The recent events brought other fundamental changes. Although the private business-travel side decreased, leisure tourism has continued to boom.  The reason the private jet sector has seen such a boom in the last years, is partly because of Covid 19 exposure concerns.

In the last years, an increasing share of  business came from individuals, and the trend was accelerated by Covid-19. Flying private helps you to avoid large crowds and long lines, minimizing your exposure to other individuals.

“When flying with us, you can be sure that you are flying the cleanest, safest, and most efficient way”, underlines Cristian Frasin, CEO Private Jets Europe.

Private Jets Europe prides itself on fulfilling clients’ every needs, and this means attention to details. Not just finding the right plane, but making sure you can fit your pets and large bags on board, sip you favorite champagne or savor your preferred food on board.



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