Monteverro, a History of Wine and Passion

by Luigi Lauro, ExcellenceMagazine.Luxury

Passion for the land and for wine, for stories full of charm and entrepreneurial spirit.

This is where Monteverro is born, a 50-hectare jewel company on the Silver Coast, halfway between the historic town of Capalbio and the Tyrrhenian Sea. These are the first years of the second millennium, when Georg Weber – fresh from graduating from the Business and Management School in Lausanne – decides to go from a passionate collector of fine bottles to a producer of excellent wines.

The choice is almost already written: an unconditional love binds Georg to Tuscany, a land that needs no introduction, sanguine and true, mirror of a history that unravels over millennia and collects a rich natural and cultural heritage.

The preference falls on a border area, halfway between Capalbio and the sea, in a particularly favorable hilly area, surrounded by centuries-old olive groves and Mediterranean scrub of the rough and wild Maremma.

A fascinating landscape with the villages perched, the views that are lost on the horizon of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the changing colors and an enchanted and exciting atmosphere. A real love at first sight announced. It is the first piece of the Monteverro company, which bears in its name the essence of this territory full of character, where ‘verro’ is synonymous with wild boar, the undisputed king of local fauna.

Monteverro is located at the foot of the medieval village of Capalbio, in the southernmost part of Tuscany, the Maremma, a region known for its authenticity and traditions. The estate is a few kilometers from the sea and is characterized by its characteristic slopes with stony red clay soil.

Georg Weber was trained oenologically on the great wines of Bordeaux, a reference point and his continuous inspiration. But his goal is to create unique wines, which draw inspiration from the great Crus, but which are “revisited” in the light of the sun and soil typical of southern Tuscany.

2008 saw the first harvest, with young vines to be able to express all the richness and complexity to which Georg aims; subsequent collections already promise great results.

In 2011 the bottles of Monteverro started their way around the world, with 4 different labels. Today there are 6, Monteverro, Tinata, Chardonnay, Terra di Monteverro, Verruzzo and Vermentino.

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