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SOMA’s Sustainable Marvel: 45 Park Place – Residences in New York


SOMA– Studio of Michel Abboud, an architectural powerhouse renowned for its avant-garde designs, has been awarded a Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury High Rise Architecture in New York. The company secured the award for their outstanding achievements and groundbreaking architecture work on the iconic 45 Park Place – Residences in New York.

Founded in 2004, SOMA has consistently pushed the boundaries of architectural innovation. Their philosophy centers around the integration of top-tier craftsmanship, cutting-edge digital technologies, and dedication to environmental responsibility. This approach has propelled them to the forefront of the architectural world, garnering critical acclaim and industry accolades.

The award-winning project, 45 Park Place – Residences, was initiated in June 2016 and continues to captivate the world with its awe-inspiring design. Nestled in the heart of Manhattan, New York, this project has redefined luxury living with its unique features:

Reinterpretation of the Tribeca Loft: SOMA’s visionary design reimagines the Tribeca loft, blending modernity with timeless elegance.

Ceiling Heights: Towering ceilings create an unparalleled sense of grandeur, accentuating the luxurious living experience.

Chiseled Skyline: The distinctive architectural silhouette adds a new dimension to New York’s iconic skyline.

One of the project’s standout achievements lies in its adherence to sustainable practices and energy-saving initiatives. SOMA’s 45 Park Place – Residences boasts the following features:

Daylighting: Extensive glass facades maximize natural daylight within the interiors, reducing the reliance on artificial lighting and contributing to significant energy savings.

Efficient HVAC Systems: Energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems reduce energy consumption for optimal temperature control.

Smart Controls: Integration of cutting-edge smart technologies optimizes energy management based on occupancy, daylight availability, and other factors.

Vertical Gardens: Incorporating lush vertical gardens enhances insulation, reduces heat gain and loss, and manages stormwater runoff, alleviating strain on urban drainage systems.

SOMA’s significant contribution to the 45 Park Place – Residences project includes their role as the lead architect for this magnificent 50-story super luxury residential tower. Their full-service architectural design services, with a meticulous emphasis on intricate skin details, have resulted in an architectural masterpiece.

Collaborating  with Architect of Record: ILA, SOMA has achieved the extraordinary, while interior design maestro Piero Lissoni of Lissoni and Partners has added a touch of pure sophistication to the project’s interior spaces.

“We would like to thank the team at Luxury Lifestyle Awards for this recognition. We can’t wait to share the final product with the world, and see people find their new home in one of our special residences”, says Founder Michel Abboud.

Visit https://www.soma.us/ to learn more about the award-winning architecture firm.


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