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Luxury Beyond Imagination: The Exclusive Side of New York

Luxury isn’t just something external, it’s a feeling one gets of being treated well and enjoying the finer things in life. What better place to explore luxury and exclusivity than New York City? People may believe that at its core, luxurious living is about spending large amounts of money, but that’s not the case. While New York is not inexpensive, there are plenty of things to do and experience that combine luxury, but don’t necessarily break the bank. Let’s dive in to the world of the city that never sleeps.

It’s About the Journey

Arriving in NY can already start in style. Just before landing at JFK International Airport, you’ll be treated to a stunning skyline, even at night the city flickers so bright that you’ll see it. The best way to travel is obviously in business class (or even first class if you’re that lucky), and you can inquire about upgrading a few hours before your flight. Oftentimes, it’s less expensive to book a standard flight ticket and then upgrade shortly before departure than to purchase a business class ticket outright. With this business class ticket in hand, you can enjoy lounges and other amenities, eat to your heart’s content, and then stroll onto the plane a few minutes before departure. Now, that’s luxury.

A Provider of Experience, Not Simply Accommodation

What makes a city like New York so special, apart from all the sites, is the level of expertise that goes into their top-tier accommodation—New Yorkers thankfully know no limit. Many hotels are designed with views of the most iconic spots in the city. Imagine laying in a bath after having enjoyed a spectacular breakfast in bed, and looking out at Central Park many floors below you. Absolute luxury. And when one is so high up, almost touching the clouds, people tend to forget that they’re actually in a busy city with thousands of people all around.

Another luxury that doesn’t directly involve money, is having the luxury of time. Time to spend with your loved ones on a trip to New York, time to sit down together to book tickets on Hellotickets, discovering exclusive things to do on their website, time to visit cafes and people-watch. Everyone thinks that life is eternal, that it’ll never be their time to go, and what NY makes you realize is that while you will one day leave, this—right now—is true living, and that luxury of time is not a matter of course. With a place so large and vast, one can genuinely rediscover a zest for life.

Travel Far Enough, You Meet Yourself

It is said that traveling is essential for growth, seeing new things and experiencing foreign cultures can change parts of you. One of the best ways to see a city is through the eyes of locals. These tours of contrast will take you through the streets of Queens, Harlem, the Bronx and Brooklyn, all the way to Upper and Lower Manhattan. It is a real gift to have the opportunity to witness the varying ways of life, the different architecture and all the cultures that come together that make up the city of New York.

A Pony is a Childhood Dream

Having a pony or riding a full-grown horse is a dream for some people, particularly because of the care and attention horses need, making it rather difficult to actually own a horse or ride often. What New York offers is even better—a horse-drawn carriage tour through Central Park or even into Rockefeller and Times Square if you so choose. The beauty of New York passes you by slowly as you feel the horse trot through open roads, supported by its trusted trainer. It’s like leaving the busy world behind and stepping into another century, in which life was slower and somewhat easier, especially in terms of mental health. There is a reason why horses are used in different settings to treat people with disorders and traumas, it’s because they can feel what humans do, and they can help manage and understand past situations without having to (or being able to) speak.

Time Stands Still

It was mentioned earlier that time is not a given, that people who are alive and well should celebrate that. And the people of New York feel the same, there’s even a new and special gym in New York City called Equinox, that promises members many more years of life thanks to their services all based on longevity. The membership is pricey and there are no guarantees, but it just shows how humans seem to want more time, but don’t value the day that they have been given today. Pure luxury is having a different perspective from others, seeing the world for what it is and not wanting for anything other than a happy life. Of course, a scenic horse-drawn carriage or breathtaking hotel room doesn’t hurt, but luxury comes from being grateful for what you have been given, what’s within.


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