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Flawless Integration of Nature: Minimal Studio Triumphs with Numa Beach Design


Minimal Studio, a renowned architectural and design firm founded by David Martínez Jofre, proudly announces its recent recognition at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2023. The accolade for Best Luxury Beach Club Architecture was bestowed upon Minimal Studio for its exemplary project, Numa Beach, situated in the breathtaking locale of Playa de Muro in Mallorca, Spain.

Numa Beach is a premier beach club establishment that harmoniously merges with its surrounding Mediterranean landscape. Completed in June 2023, this project showcases Minimal Studio’s pursuit of distinction in architectural, interior, and lighting design.

“Our team is thrilled and honored to receive this Luxury Lifestyle Award”, expressed David Martínez Jofre, Founder of Minimal Studio. “Numa Beach represents our dedication to creating spaces that not only exude luxury and elegance but also seamlessly integrate with nature.”

Numa Beach’s unique features include its position as a premium beach club in a privileged location and a design that flawlessly connects the establishment with its picturesque surroundings. Minimal Studio’s contribution to the project extended beyond architectural design to encompass interior and lighting design, meticulously crafting a cohesive and visually stunning ambiance.

A hallmark of Minimal Studio’s approach is its devotion to sustainable practices. Numa Beach seamlessly blends into its coastal environment and prioritizes a design that emphasizes connection and harmony with the sea. The use of a neutral chromatic scale, distinct spatial differentiations, and the integration of marine sand in pavement joints underscores the studio’s dedication to a design that respects and complements nature.

David Martínez Jofre further added, “Numa Beach exemplifies our team’s dedication to meticulous design processes, ensuring exceptional results that resonate with our clients and the environment.”

Throughout 2023, Minimal Studio has solidified its position as an exclusive and internationally acclaimed design studio with notable projects such as The Garage and Moon House, showcasing the studio’s versatility and innovative prowess.

Minimal Studio looks forward to unveiling new and exciting projects in the coming months, further reinforcing its reputation for merit in architectural and design innovation.

For more information about Minimal Studio and its award-winning projects, please visit https://www.minimalstudio.es/


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