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Living Luxe Magazine Captivates Canada’s Elite

Living Luxe


Living Luxe is a luxury Toronto-based magazine that features the latest luxury trends in design and lifestyle. Specializing in lifestyle journalism and showcasing the most upscale decor and lifestyle trends, the publication has won their second Luxury Lifestyle Awards, taking home the title in 2024 for Best Luxury Media in Canada. 

Since its inception in 2019 under the stewardship of owner Jennifer Lipkowitz, Living Luxe has guided readers through the world of refined living and haute couture. With a focus on publishing and special events, Living Luxe has manifested an exclusive experience for its clientele, catering to individuals and businesses that embody the essence of luxurious living.

“At Living Luxe, we don’t just report on luxury; we immerse our readers in it,” says Jennifer Lipkowitz, owner of Living Luxe. “Our team of editors, journalists, designers, and digital experts work consistently to create a magazine that captivates our audience from cover to cover. Winning the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Media in Canada is such an honor for us, and we thank the LLA team for this second award.”

Living Luxe magazine sets itself apart through its innovative approach to luxury journalism. By combining lifestyle, interior design, fashion, and arts and culture, Living Luxe offers a comprehensive view of the lavish lifestyle. The magazine’s focus on personalization ensures that each reader feels a connection to the content, whether they are already living a luxurious life or aspire to do so.

In the past two years, Living Luxe has introduced groundbreaking innovations, including offering end-to-end media services and launching a three-day design show focused on industry leader talks, luxurious interior and exterior design, fashion and real estate. These initiatives further solidify Living Luxe’s position as a frontrunner in the luxury media landscape.

“We pride ourselves on providing our readers with the ultimate luxury experience,” adds Lipkowitz. “From our specialized content featuring notable figures to our bespoke media services, Living Luxe is dedicated to elevating the standards of luxury journalism.”

For Living Luxe, the most important priority in winning the Luxury Lifestyle Award is the opportunity to be part of the prestigious network of like-minded individuals within the luxury industry. By connecting with fellow enthusiasts and experts, Living Luxe aims to continue pushing the boundaries of luxury media and inspiring readers to embrace the finer things in life.

For more information about Living Luxe magazine and its award-winning content, visit https://livingluxe.ca/

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