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Interview with Uira, Founder and Project Director at Artalenta


It’s no secret that architecture is more than drawings, buildings, and walls. Each outstanding architect or a team of architects have their unique formula of perfection in work. The Bali-based architecture & planning company Artalenta, the winner of  Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Architect and Interior Design Studio in Indonesia has its own expertise and set of ideas that made it one of the leaders in the industry. The essential role in the success of Artalenta is played by its founder, Indonesian architect, principal, and project director Pak Uira. We talked with Uira about his career and architectural vision.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards: Could you tell us about yourself? Who is Uira, the mastermind of Artalenta?

Uira: I am an Indonesian and was born on the island of Java. I am now based in Bali because I like living close to nature. In a glance, my personality type is more towards an INTJ-A person. I am a Strategic person yet imaginative and decisive, ambitious, and curious about everything but remain focused.

LLA: How and why did you decide to start a career in architecture?

Uira: I am highly inspired by art, engineering, technology, and geometry. I started a career in architecture because it is the best canvas to put all those important aspects and values together. To me, architecture is a sophisticated practice of designing and producing an expression of a lifestyle.

LLA: How would you describe your architectural vision?

Uira: An architectural vision aims to physically produce the soul of a space and uplifts you, when you are inside it. For me, architectural vision cannot be described, it can only be felt. The poetry of it all is the implementation of form and function to my architectural vision. Our priority is to deliver the concept and make it into reality.

LLA: Does local culture impact your work? How are the Indonesian traditions reflected in your professional approach?

Uira: “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika,” a phrase meaning “Unity in Diversity,” is at the core of Artalenta. It also happens to be Indonesia’s official motto. Even though Indonesia is vast and distinct, we must celebrate the tremendous diversity of cultures and talents. We collaborate with local expertise and techniques to impact our work and unite them into a signature style.

LLA: What is your definition of architectural design?

Uira: To me, architectural design is an integrated set of solutions to a design challenge. In a great project, architectural design manages to blend craftsmanship and engineering. I liken it with the marriage between your left brain and your right brain. My team and I oversee a project from inception to completion, including interior, structural, engineering, and MEP. We provide as many design elements & perspectives to create an all-around great building.

LLA: What types of projects does Artalenta specialize in? What do you call an interesting project?

Uira: Artalenta’s projects range from luxury residences and F&B to hospitality projects. For us, each project is exciting when we relate our design to its site. We must identify its two realms; the heavens, which symbolizes sun, rain, wind, moon, and weather; and the earth, which symbolizes geology, landscape, trees, and land contours. Through the heavens and the earth, we are able to explore the realm and dream of its possibilities.

LLA: What requirements must your project meet in order for you to call it successful after its completion?

Uira: Our requirements are simple; for the clients to have an enhanced lifestyle, for the building to exist and integrate with nature, and for it to be made right on time within the right resources.

LLA: What are your most favorite and most challenging aspects of your work?

Uira: My favorite and most challenging part of my work is collaborating with people from different backgrounds and methods. We always strive for our distinctive signature style with every project. Through collaboration, we have another level of design development, which results in unique innovations. This partnership carries us to the end of the project, where we can accurately execute our design on site.

LLA: How do you see the evolution of the architecture and design industry in the next few years?

Uira: Everything and everyone is connected nowadays. Trends, technology, and lifestyle are constantly evolving and intermixing. In the next few years, architecture and design will have fusion and styles due to “mixed culture” and globalized world.

LLA: What are your emotions about Artalenta becoming the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards?

Uira: I have an obsession with representing Bali and Indonesia with our masterpieces on the International design stage. I feel delighted, excited, and very proud of winning the Luxury Lifestyle Award. This award is a celebration for Artalenta and Indonesia.

LLA: What is the best advice you have ever received? What advice can you give to young architects and designers?

Uira: Young Architects and Designers should constantly outsmart their peers as they maintain control, all the while making the most of their independent style of thinking. With this, they can achieve any goal they apply themselves to.

And as for the latest brilliant quote that I have was from Blaise Pascal: “Thought constitutes the greatness of man. Man is a reed, the feeblest thing in nature, but he is a thinking reed.”

LLA: Mr. Uira, thank you for your time.

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