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Holistic Design Studio’s Vision for ‘Suuraj Popley’

Luxury Retail Interior Design


Holistic Design Studio is a distinguished name in architectural and interior design that has recently won a Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Retail Interior Design in India, 2024. The company was awarded for its noteworthy work on “Suuraj Popley by Popley Eternal,” a prominent jewelry store renovation project in Mumbai. 

Led by Architect Jitesh Kamdar, Holistic Design Studio specializes in creating exquisite environments that ooze luxury and functionality. The awarded project, spanning from April to September 2023, involved the transformation of a 25-year-old jewelry store into a sophisticated retail space. 

“Our approach to designing ‘Suuraj Popley’ aimed to create an international appeal while reflecting the premium ethos of the brand,” explained Architect Jitesh Kamdar. “We focused on modern materials, ergonomic curves, and soft corners to enhance the jewels’ visibility and approachability.” 

Holistic Design Studio provides comprehensive services including concept development, interior design, lighting design, MEP design, furniture sourcing, and project management. They incorporated sustainable practices by reusing existing marble flooring and glass, demonstrating their loyalty to environmental responsibility. 

The studio exclusively designs furniture and fittings, collaborating with trusted manufacturing partners for production, ensuring every element aligns with their exacting standards. 

“This award showcases our team’s dedication and creativity,” said Architect Jitesh Kamdar. “We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the luxury retail landscape in India.” 

For more information about Holistic Design Studio and its award-winning projects, visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/jitesh-kamdar-. 

About Holistic Design Studio: 

Founded and led by Architect Jitesh Kamdar, Holistic Design Studio specializes in architectural and interior design for luxury, retail spaces, workspaces, and residential projects across India and the USA. Known for their attention to detail and innovative design solutions, the studio continues to redefine spaces with elegance and sophistication. 


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