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From Pristine New Zealand Wilds to Global Acclaim: Manuka Royale

Luxury Honey


Manuka Royale, the renowned producer of premium Manuka honey sourced from the wildest and most pristine areas of New Zealand, is proud to announce its recent accolade: a sought-after Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Honey in the World. This recognition not only reflects the exceptional quality of Manuka Royale’s products but also underscores the brand’s commitment to making a difference for both consumers and the environment.

At Manuka Royale, the journey from hive to jar is an expedition that encapsulates the spirit of adventure and ecological stewardship. The brand’s dedication to sourcing honey from untouched, mineral-rich landscapes, often uncharted on maps, exemplifies their philosophy of responsible harvesting. This devotion to sustainability is exemplified by their meticulous selection of areas where the soil mineral content is densest, ensuring that every jar of Manuka Royale honey embodies the pristine beauty of New Zealand.

What sets Manuka Royale apart is not just its luxury status, but the inherent nutritional richness of its products. Harvested from the nectar of the elusive Manuka plant (Leptospermum scoparium), Manuka Royale’s honey is naturally high in bioactive nutrients that transcend basic nutritional value to promote overall wellness.

“We believe in crafting a product that doesn’t just represent luxury, but embodies our deep-rooted commitment to nature and our communities,” said Wojtek Czyz, Co-founder of Manuka Royale. “From ethical harvesting practices to supporting local beekeepers and communities, every step in our process is guided by the principles of respect, sustainability, and quality.”

Manuka Royale’s dedication to quality assurance is validated by its adherence to the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) standard. This internationally recognized certification ensures not only the honey’s UMF potency but also verifies its authenticity.

Visit https://manukaroyale.com/ to learn more about the award-winning company.


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