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Arctic Treehouse Hotel – Nurture by Nature in the Lap of Luxury

Not only does it take brawn, but also brains to build a hotel this magnificent in the Arctic Circle. The Arctic Treehouse Hotel bridges the gap between nature and the lap of luxury and it’s no wonder that it has been awarded the Best Luxury Hotel Brand in Finland by Luxury Lifestyle Awards for the year 2022.

The Arctic Treehouse Hotel is set in one of the iciest locations in the world  – the Artic Circle and is perfectly equipped for this with an isolation entrance area, lit fires, warming beverages, and comfortable shuttle services available all year round. Having just mentioned this, the hotel is also a spectacular destination for the Aurora season which is from late August to early April, with the best months for viewing being September, October and March.

Arctic Treehouse Suites

The interior of this 27m2 suite amalgamates with the exterior with wintery, washed white tones adorning most surfaces. The Suites are equipped with all the expected basic luxuries that one would expect: coffee/bar station, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and bathroom equipped with shower. The double bed with its crisp linen is perfectly positioned to take full advantage of the panoramic window with views over the hilly wonderland.

Arctic GlassHouses

This 50m2 space features a warmer tone of décor with rich browns in various tactile textures. Each one of these houses offers two bedrooms that both accommodates two persons each, as well as one additional These houses also come with the same set of amenities that the suites do, however also present their own freestanding fireplace, sauna, kitchenette, and a large deck with lovely views.

ArcticScene Executive Suites:

In addition to the already abundant amenities of the suites, the executive accommodation offers a slightly larger space with a separate living room, a bedroom with a king-size bed, as well as an entire wellness area lending itself to true relaxation and pampering. The executive suite offers alternative relaxation to the spa feel – it is equipped with two large flat screen TVs, a bar, and comfortable lounge seating facing the magnificent views.

Being in a somewhat remote location, The Arctic Treehouse Hotel cannot afford to take any risks or shortcuts and as a result, procures only the finest quality for the hotel and restaurant guests. The hotel has built its operational model on sustainability and has been awarded multiple times for this consideration of the environment. The Rakas Restaurant prepares meals made with local produce as far as possible.

General manager of the hotel,  Mr. Kenneth Tuomi is elated by his acceptance of the Luxury Lifestyle Award, saying, “Being in such a remote location, we often feel a disconnect with the world, but this award proves that we are truly at the forefront of the minds that matter to us.”

The Arctic Treehouse Hotel offers various packages depending on one’s preference – from fun adventures, to cultural outings, springtime exploration, and romantic moments.

To make a booking or learn more about the Arctic Treehouse Hotel, visit https://arctictreehousehotel.com/ 




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