Wanders Wagner Gracefully Wins Luxury Lifestyle Award for Best Luxury Villa Architecture


Dubai is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking architectural structures and is known for its incredible vision and ingenious feats of architectural design. Architectural styles in Dubai have changed significantly over the past few years, and while architecture was initially traditional, Dubai’s current modernist architecture includes stepped ascending spirals, designs that offer subtle nods to traditional Arabic motifs and innovative exposed-glass walls.  

It comes as no surprise that architecture firms in Dubai need to keep up with the ever-changing regime of architectural trends and designs. Wanders Wagner offers integrated design and engineering services in the fields of engineering, architecture, project management and interior design. Richard Wagner and Dominic Wanders are the leaders of an interdisciplinary team of innovative international architects, engineers and designers creating and realizing holistic and sustainable concepts for commercial, residential, and cultural projects. The dynamic architectural firm has been recognized by the industry experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards and awarded for Best Luxury Villa Architecture for Residential Villa_09 Dubai Hills in Dubai. 

During the design process at Wanders Wagner, projects are conceptualized in clear, highly visual 3D-model supported presentations which uses an advanced computer aided design process. This advanced method allows for precise and swift progress achieving design objectives that can be evaluated and verified against clients’ expectations. During all work stages such as interior design, engineering, and architecture, the office has developed advanced skills. Architectural design work and detail development are coordinated thoroughly and constantly adjusted with mechanical, structural, and electrical engineering. During contract administration, tendering process and site supervision, the resolute team at Wanders Wagner ensures that projects are completed to the highest quality standards, exceeding client expectations. 

The company offers a plethora of services such as signature design services and additional project and design management services. Under their signature design services, clients can expect architectural and interior design services, all-in-one coordinated architecture engineering consulting, luxury villa design and modifications and more Under their additional project and design management services, clients can expect building design assessment and failure analysis, emergency design troubleshooting and re-design services, design control and supervision services and many others.  

Their projects such as their luxury villas and commercial properties are eloquently designed with use of modern exterior and interior design work. The use of straight lines, clean and crisp paint colors as well as the use of glass can be seen throughout their projects. There is a clear theme of neutral design work with the beauty of glass and modern building shapes designed as more modern elements. Wanders Wagner have a clear understanding of modernizing buildings whilst incorporating or maintaining the traditional elements. The clients from Wanders Wagner are rest assured first-class design work from the dynamic company.  

The innovative team at Wanders Wagner have a clear and deep understanding of authority procedures and the local construction industry, making them a solid partner for any refined and challenging architectural and design projects. They enjoy collaborating closely with their clients and they guide them comprehensively to achieve engineering, design excellence, and deliver maximum value.  

For more details, please visit: https://www.wanderswagner.com/ 

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