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Versatile Erika Lin Studio Continues to Excel in Its Architecture and Design Offering


Clients in Tijuana, Mexico, seeking innovative, technologically enhanced and sustainability centric architecture and interior design services would be hard pressed to find a provider more capable than Erika Lina professional studio with almost 15 years of experience designing houses that are full of character, charm and wonder. 

Established in 2007 by Erika Lin herself (she initially styled the business as Erika Lin Interiors), the Erika Lin brand has grown to become one of the most trusted architecture and interior design firms in Mexico. The studio has an impressive portfolio of unique luxury residential properties, but it has also established itself in the commercial space.  

Illustrating Erika Lin’s range, in 2021, Luxury Lifestyle Awards awarded the studio top titles in two categories: Best Luxury Architecture (Single Residential Project) for ‘Casa Costa Sorrentina’ in Mexico and Best Luxury Commercial Interior Design for ‘Beauty Enhance’ in Mexico. According to Luxury Lifestyle Awards, the honors were awarded in recognition of the dedicated efforts of Lin and her team to complete projects that consistently elevate the standard of architecture and interior design in Lin’s native land. Casa Costa Sorrentina and Beauty Enhance are just two examples of this.  

Casa Costa Sorrentina is a four-level, sea-facing residence in Tijuana. The team at Erika Lin designed the 356 sqm. house so as to leave the garage, service facilities and 2,000-capacity cellar underground, thus availing the three upper levels for day-to-day living. The spectacular views were incorporated into the design and flow of the house, ensuring that from every level one could enjoy the sea view. Erika Lin completed work on this project in early 2021. 

Beauty Enhance is a medical spa and wellness center, also located in Tijuana. As a popular medical tourism destination, the area hosts several commercial health facilities such as the client at hand. On this project, Erika Lin sought to create a space that communicates quality service and professionalism with a touch of luxury, considering the clientele of the facility. As such, the team opted for a set of neutrally toned finishes ranging from general elements such as floors, wallpaper, paint and carpentry to the finer details such as handles and fittings. Work on this 254 sqm. project was completed in 2020. 

At Erika Lin, Lin is supported by a team talented professionals who are as committed as she is to the pursuit of excellence. They boast a range of skills that enable them to solve even the most challenging of design tasks clients present them. In fact, this sense of challenge is often the driver of their success – no problem is too big for them! 

Lin is passionate about her work. She visibly comes alive when she talks about architecture. “I am passionate about architecture, I live for my projects and I call them mine. I am not saying this just to impress people; I really feel connected to the projects we work on,” says Lin. Indeed, her enthusiasm for all things architecture shows in everything that she does professionally.  

Additionally, Lin is very collaborative in her working style and she considers her clients to be partners on the journey to creating inspired residences. On this she says: “every time I receive a new family into the Erika Lin office to talk about their future home is an opportunity to give my best both as an architect and as a human being”.  

Clients that entrust their vision to Lin and her team can rest assured that their ultimate priority is to build a home that not only embraces their essence as a family but also inspires them to pursue the things that spark joy. This dedication has seen Lin’s studio achieving the success it has thus far and will continue to achieve. 

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