U Bistro & Bar: Elevating Luxury Restaurant Experience in Cairo

Experienced travelers know Cairo as a hectic city, filled with delightful bustle and offering a huge variety of dining experiences. The impressive culinary map of street vendors to 5-star restaurants will never leave you hungry or give you a reason to complain about the monotony of the cuisine. But even in the city’s busy food and nightlife scene, the arrival of U Bistro & Bar was one of the most significant events. This elegant establishment, imbued with the spirit of luxury, style, and an innovative approach to the menu, was able to offer something new and truly unique. Its excellence has been recognized by the most discerning foodies, and this year it was named winner of the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Restaurant in Cairo, Egypt.

U Bistro & Bar is located in Zamalek, one of the most affluent areas of Cairo, very popular among Egypt’s most affluent residents. Here on Gezira Island, in one of the city’s most beautiful buildings, an establishment has opened its doors that have immediately raised the bar for service and dining experience to a new level. This unparalleled experience begins for the visitor to U Bistro & Bar from the very first moments inside. The restaurant’s interior space offers a unique aesthetic that perfectly highlights the architectural merits of the heritage building.

The restaurant owes its luxurious, exquisite decoration to the leading Egyptian design firm Alchemy. Specialists from the design studio developed a concept that combined reverence for the existing forms of the building while at the same time offering a new modern interpretation, providing a graceful and contemporary style of the venue. The color palette of the restaurant is dominated by black and brown, dark wood combined with marble elegantly contrasting with modern artwork. Its space is divided into three zones, a great dining room, a bar, and a private VIP room for corporate events with a dedicated bar and waiters.

The interior of U Bistro & Bar is undoubtedly an important ingredient in the restaurant’s success and a factor in winning the Luxury Lifestyle Awards. However, its killer feature is the experience that remains from the fresh gourmet food, innovative drinks, and excellent service. A mouthwatering culinary journey through the Mediterranean with an emphasis on Italian and French cuisine is the brainchild of Irfan Malek, the restaurant’s chef with more than 10 years of international experience. He has worked at Atlantis The Palm Dubai, One & Only Reethi Rah Maldives, One & Only Reethi Rah, and others.

Among the most popular items on the restaurant menu is foie gras, a classic Italian dish Vitello Tonnato, as a starter. Visitors also appreciate the Smoked Salmon Caesar Salad, prepared with perfectly fresh ingredients. As the main course, sea bass, lamb shank with Moroccan seasonings, or the Rossini beef fillet are perfect. Cocktails made by the masters of U Bistro & Bar offer such an abundance of nuances and subtle shades that they can easily compete with the most respectable cocktail bars.

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