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The Philosophy of Food at The Athenian House


We often wonder what Plato saw when he looked up at the stars. Did the milky-way look any different from how it does today? Whereabouts in the night sky did it sit and how much brighter was it to the naked eye?  We imagine an ancient xenon light, which illuminated black tides for storied voyagers and inspired aged philosophers, with its iridescent artistry. An ancient nightlight to soothe young, sleepless minds in a Greek city-state of old.

The Athenian House, in stunning Santorini, may provide us with a glimpse into the World of Ancient Greece and a look at the stars, as seen through ancient eyes. The Luxury Lifestyle Awards winner for Best Luxury Restaurant in Greece offers a dining experience to match the majesty of the night sky, as you dine under the stars with two of the culinary world’s biggest.

The multi-awarded Greek chef Yiannis Baxevanis and the French chef Jerome Serres, awarded three times the Michelin Star, join their talents to reinvent Greek traditional recipes before a view that would leave even Astraios and Poseidon awestruck.

Arrive to a classic aesthetic of white porcelain, with minimally set tabletops on a tiled balcony, designed to present you with a crisp, clean finish to match the Mediterranean landscape. The hero of the décor is displayed ahead and above as you take your seat. The Bright night sky above a glittering ocean.

The décor and ambiance at this timeless restaurant are hard to beat, as they fuse modern-day luxuries, with traditional Greek architecture and some of nature’s best angles. So, take in the ambiance and get comfortable, as you are taken on a journey through time.

The first Greek cookbook was officially released by the nation’s first celebrity chef, Mr. Nikolaos Tselementes. The origins of the word “cookbook” in the Greek language hail from his famous name. His cookbook titled “Cooking and Baking Guide” is said to have been released in 1926, and a reputation as the “father of Greek cuisine” was bestowed upon him and has remained ever since. If Tselementes is the father of Greek cuisine then Yiannis Baxevanis is its trailblazer.

Traveling and working around Europe in his youth gave Yiannis Baxevanis the experience and understanding of how to perfect 5-star cuisine, but the inspiration and the heart of his breathtaking creations remain his roots. the incredible knowledge of the local flora and Cretan herbs by old ladies in the villages inspired the “aroma Magician” as he is so affectionately called.

Picking up his wild greens from the mountains, and gathering the salt and the kritamo from the rocks on the beach, Baxevanis makes the local lands the hero of his dishes and he has received many local and international accolades for his efforts.

Born in the home of Luxury cuisine, France, Jerome Serres started his culinary journey on different lands and he is known for his disciplined French style. Creating fine and refined cuisine where seasonality is its key ingredient, the classically trained Serres uses citrus aromas and infusions while using only olive oil to stamp his interpretation of Mediterranean flavors. The Premier Prix de la Grande Cuisine Européenne, Serres has an astounding collection of accolades and serves as the perfect pairing to Baxevanis in this traditional Greek culinary experience.

The Athenian House was the brainchild of Greek owners, who are local to Athens and fanatical about the incredibly rich local produce found in its Mediterranean soils. The farm-to-table movement has boomed over the past few years, and this insistence on using only the cleanest, locally sourced ingredients has become a staple for gastronomy leaders around the world. The Athenian House is no different, in fact, the attention to local farming practices and the celebration of this is just as evident here, if not more so.

Described by its founders as a gastronomical journey throughout Greece, from its northern frontiers to its continent, peninsulas, and islands, The Athenian House merges locally made products and international expertise with a holistic celebration of Greek food, made the Greek way.

So, as we look up at the stars and imagine how the milky-way galaxy might have looked around 375 BCE, and how the Greek land was lit up under its illuminating majesty, we can take pride in knowing that from the soil to the stars, with every bite of the calamari gyros and the seafood pastitsio, we are tasting it.

To learn more about this exceptional restaurant and its chefs, visit https://www.theathenianhouse.com/en



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