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Studio Twelve Interiors: Excellence from Concept to Completion


Studio Twelve Interiors is a firm believer in the merits of functionality imbued with exceptional design. Over the past 11 years, the studio has completed an impressive number of prominent projects, spanning architecture, interior as well as landscape design, and consistently refined the needs and styles of discerning clients into exceptional outcomes, effectively setting a benchmark for progressive design in the region. 

In fact, it’s this very commitment to innovation that’s enabled them to become one of the most respected interior design studios in Qatar and secure a spot on Luxury Lifestyle Awards‘ coveted Top 100 Architects and Designers of the World list for 2022. 

Under the leadership of managing director, Maha Al-Kuwari, a cum laude graduate from the prestigious Virginia Commonwealth University who’s worked closely with world-class global interior design houses, Studio Twelve delivers unrivaled spatial transformations with minimal time and resource expenditure. Their diverse team prides itself on offering a wide range of skills and executing innovative design solutions with complete integrity by working meticulously as a unit and laying the groundwork for long-term collaboration and mutual growth. 

By the same token, the firm goes above and beyond to deliver first-rate work through careful research and consultation from concept to completion across programming and space planning, master plan design, and project supervision.   

In short, Studio Twelve creates sleek, modern spaces with an emphasis on sustainable practices and one needs only to glance at their portfolio of existing projects for this to become apparent. 

The versatile studio has successfully brought projects to fruition throughout the commercial and residential sectors, with recent highlights including the effortlessly elegant Threads District Offices, on the interior design front, and the timelessly minimal MAK villa, in the residential architecture sector. The former functions as both a workspace and showroom, while offering a scintillating blend of art and nature through the use of suspended planters, and an understated material palette beautifully contrasted by black aluminum frames. While the latter, a villa fit for a family of four, utilizes natural tones accentuated with a facade of American walnut as well as a combination of Italian Serpeggiante and crema Marfil marble for the flooring to deliver a chic, balanced design. To top it all off, the studio sourced and installed custom Andrea Braescu lighting to highlight the villa’s double-entry foyer for an articulately stylish twist. Other exemplary projects include the interior of AMP2, the second of three interiors designed for the coffee bar brand AMP, for which a malleable counter was sourced from cutting-edge suppliers, wood skin, eventually becoming a defying characteristic of the brand. 

The extraordinary HHSA farm development project is also well worth mentioning. Consisting of a villa with swimming pool facilities and a majlis capable of seating 60 people, Studio Twelve strove to offer their client solace from city life through the use of a tranquil travertine palette with hints of beige and bronze metal, complete with sumptuous French alabaster lighting from one of Paris’ most exclusive suppliers. 

All in all, when it comes to Studio Twelve Interiors, it truly seems the only way is up. With the firm’s keen understanding of how interior design affects the temperament and morale of visitors as well as inhabitants and their willingness to be involved in every step of the process, from planning to scrutinizing the finest details, it’s safe to say excellence is a certainty.  

Visit the company’s website at https://s12interiors.com/ to learn more about their services, team, and various projects, or follow them on Instagram @s12interiors. 


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