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Shaza Luxury Real Estate: Pioneering Excellence in Luxury Brokerage – An Exclusive Conversation with CEO Beqo Hoti

International Brokerage


Intro: Today, we are honored to speak with Beqo Hoti, the CEO and Founder of Shaza Luxury Real Estate, a company that has left an indelible mark in the world of international brokerage and luxury real estate. Beqo Hoti’s journey is nothing short of remarkable, having earned numerous accolades, including the prestigious title of Best Luxury Real Estate Agency in Sweden bestowed by Luxury Lifestyle Awards. 

Under Beqo’s leadership, Shaza Luxury Real Estate has not only carved out its niche but also redefined the very culture of brokerage, infusing it with innovation and an unwavering commitment to quality. The company’s partnership with Forbes Global Properties, extending exclusive representation throughout the Nordics, stands as a testament to their dedication to excellence. 

Shaza Luxury Real Estate, with its strong network and an astute understanding of discerning customers’ demands, has set a new standard for luxury real estate offerings. Whether it’s a lavish villa, a dream holiday home, or a shrewd investment opportunity, Shaza’s team ensures a personalized and seamless experience. Today, we are privileged to dive into the world of luxury real estate with Beqo Hoti, as he shares his insights and experiences in this exclusive interview. 

Luxury Lifestyle Awards: Beqo, let’s begin with your journey. Can you discuss the inspirations and motivations that prompted you to establish Shaza Luxury Real Estate and your vision for the company? 

Beqo Hoti: My primary motivation and inspiration was my beloved mother. She battled cancer for many years and remains the central reason Shaza exists today. Every action I take and every business decision I make is rooted in genuine love, respect, and understanding. My journey into luxury real estate began with a profound love for connecting people with homes that stir emotions and foster lasting memories. Our vision goes beyond merely offering properties; we aim to craft experiences that resonate deeply with our clients, pushing the boundaries of luxury brokerage while maintaining a personal touch. 

LLA: Shaza Luxury Real Estate has earned considerable recognition and accolades, notably being named the Best Luxury Real Estate Agency in Sweden in 2023. Could you shed light on some pivotal milestones and achievements that have underpinned the company’s success? 

Beqo Hoti: Certainly! The journey has been phenomenal. A notable moment was our exclusive partnership with Forbes Global Properties, which broadened horizons for our clientele. Securing the rights to the $500 million project in Crete marked another significant milestone, attesting to the trust and reputation we have built. More recently, we have also entered a partnership with Hilton & Hyland in Beverly Hills, one of the most renowned real estate firms globally. In both Scandinavia and internationally, this is groundbreaking. It epitomizes our continued efforts to bridge different regions. Such moments, coupled with our relentless commitment to service, have thrust us to the forefront of the luxury real estate realm. 

LLA: The partnership between Shaza Luxury Real Estate and Forbes Global Properties, offering exclusivity in the Nordics, is truly commendable. How did this collaboration materialize, and what implications does it hold for your clients and the industry? 

Beqo Hoti: Forbes reached out to me based on a recommendation, as theirs is an invitation-only network. Our collaboration with Forbes Global Properties stemmed from mutual respect and a shared zeal for excellence. This alliance is transformative for our clientele, offering them access to an unmatched network of properties and potential investors. It marks a shift in how the industry caters to clients, raising expectations for those who choose Shaza Luxury Real Estate. 

LLA: Ensuring quality is crucial in luxury real estate. How does Shaza Luxury Real Estate maintain its standard of excellence and differentiate itself from other agencies in your region? 

Beqo Hoti: Quality is central to our ethos. We rigorously select our listings to represent the zenith of luxury living. What truly distinguishes us is our individualized approach. We endeavor to comprehend our clients’ aspirations, customizing our offerings accordingly. It’s this commitment that forms the foundation of our reputation, ensuring interactions with Shaza Luxury Real Estate are unparalleled in care and respect. 

International Brokerage

LLA: Shaza Luxury Real Estate boasts an extensive international network. Could you expound on the company’s global footprint and how this has fortified its reputation and success? 

Beqo Hoti: Our international outreach mirrors our dedication to catering to a global clientele. We have laid down strong foundations in pivotal luxury markets worldwide. This network doesn’t just present our clients with a diverse portfolio but also ensures smooth transactions, whether they’re eyeing a villa in the Mediterranean or a penthouse in a vibrant city. It’s this broad network that cements our reputation as a trusted associate for those in search of premier properties. 

LLA: One of your hallmark accomplishments is securing the rights to a $500 million project in Crete. Could you delve into the strategies and relationships that were instrumental in bringing this monumental project to fruition? 

Beqo Hoti: Gaining the rights to the Crete project was a culmination of diligent relationship cultivation and astute strategic foresight. Even as newcomers to this market, we were fortunate to be perceived as trustworthy partners, and recognized for our dedication to integrity and quality. Our team’s tenacity in understanding the local market nuances, coupled with timely opportunities, was pivotal. It’s essential to highlight that this feat was a collective endeavor, and we approach it with gratitude for the chance to be part of such a momentous project. 

International Brokerage

LLA: How does Shaza Luxury Real Estate navigate the ever-evolving real estate market and adapt to emergent customer preferences to consistently deliver exceptional service? 

Beqo Hoti: Being adaptable is indispensable in this fluctuating industry. We are committed to staying ahead, consistently updating ourselves through comprehensive market research and analysis. Continuous training ensures our team is up-to-date with changing customer inclinations, tech innovations, and regulatory shifts. This proactive approach ensures we lead market trends, positioning us to offer unmatched service regardless of market dynamics. 

LLA: What counsel would you offer to those aspiring to invest in luxury real estate, especially in sought-after locales like the Nordics? 

Beqo Hoti: For those venturing into luxury real estate in coveted regions like the Nordics, my counsel is to have clarity of purpose. Understand your objectives and preferences. Collaborate with a reputable agent with profound local insights. Look beyond mere aesthetics, focusing on enduring value. And crucially, exercise patience. The ideal property is worth the anticipation. 

International Brokerage

LLA: How does Shaza Luxury Real Estate align with the rising emphasis on sustainability and eco-consciousness in the luxury real estate sector? 

Beqo Hoti: We are unwavering in our commitment to sustainability. We prioritize listings and collaborations that resonate with this ethos. Many of our listings champion eco-friendly designs, energy conservation, and sustainable resources. By endorsing these choices, we not only cater to our clients’ convictions but also make a positive environmental impact. 

LLA: As you gaze into the future, what are your aspirations for Shaza Luxury Real Estate? How do you foresee its evolution and influence in the luxury real estate domain? 

Beqo Hoti: The horizon for Shaza Luxury Real Estate is brimming with potential. Our vision encompasses calculated expansion into key luxury markets globally, consistently seeking synergies with partners who echo our dedication to professionalism and distinction. This philosophy is integral as we aspire to carve our niche as a leading international brokerage. Our unwavering emphasis on innovation, tailored services, and upholding our professional standards will guide our path. We’re motivated by a vision not just to reinvent luxury real estate experiences but to pioneer unprecedented standards for our clientele. Ultimately, we aspire to create an enduring, impactful legacy that transcends the properties we represent, reshaping the luxury real estate landscape for future generations. 

Dive deeper into the world of luxury properties and discover how Shaza Luxury Real Estate can guide your journey. Visit the website at https://www.shazarealestate.com/en to explore exclusive listings, and experience the Shaza difference. 


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