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Timeless Opulence: A Journey into Richman Luxury’s Exceptional Watch Winder Artistry

Luxury Watch Accessories


Richman Luxury, a revered name in the world of watch winder technology, has once again demonstrated its expertise by clinching the title of Best Luxury Watch Winder Safe in Singapore, at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, 2023. This impressive feat not only cements Richman Luxury’s reputation but also marks a remarkable third consecutive year of recognition by LLA, for its exceptional contributions to the luxury watch accessory industry. 

Elevating the craftsmanship and passion of watch enthusiasts, Richman Luxury has firmly positioned itself as Singapore’s foremost brand in watch winder technology. Founded by the visionary Dr. Jin Goh, an avid aficionado of automatic watches, the company embarked on its journey in 2015 with a commitment to providing affordable yet opulent watch winders tailored to the distinctive needs of collectors, owners, and enthusiasts alike. 

Richman Luxury

As a leader in Singapore’s watch winder technology field, Richman Luxury offers an expansive array of products and services designed exclusively for watch connoisseurs.  

Richman Luxury’s exquisite watch winders are crafted with premium materials like carbon, stainless steel, glass, and African Bubinga hardwood. The brand’s modular stackable watch winders, including Japanese mechanisms, epitomize quality and functionality, reflecting their passion for exceptional timepieces. 

Richman Luxury

Among their stellar offerings, the Japanese mechanism-powered winder that accommodates up to 12 units stands as a testament to Richman Luxury’s dedication to watch enthusiasts and collectors. Beyond watch winders, the brand’s opulent range includes cigar boxes, glass boxes, leather watch boxes, high-grade safes, and exclusive accessories, all meticulously crafted to complement various watch materials. 

The founder, Jin Goh, a luminary entrepreneur, has extended her influence beyond Richman Luxury to create an illustrious portfolio that includes Richman Watch Winder and Jinwu Jewellery. Also, a dedicated philanthropist, Jin Goh’s commitment to social causes is underscored by her association with the Richman Foundation, a platform dedicated to diverse initiatives ranging from animal welfare to education and poverty alleviation. The foundation’s “Santa Claus Mission to Millions” initiative, which provides unexpected gifts to orphans globally, exemplifies Jin Goh’s benevolence. 

Richman Luxury

Jin Goh’s charitable endeavors extend to her literary contributions, notably in the book “Pay Kindness Forward on Love, Peace, Happiness, and Kindness.” Amidst the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, her articles resonate with the call for a sustainable future, compassion, and hope. Jin Goh’s vision of a “Pay Peace Forward System” aligns harmoniously with Richman Luxury’s ethos, emphasizing inner peace and positive influence on the global community. 

Recognized for her altruism, Jin Goh has received prestigious accolades, including the World Peace Award 2020 and the Green and White Nigeria Achievers Award 2020. Her commitment to education and peace is evident through her honorary doctorate from Saint Mother Theresa University and affiliation with renowned institutions like the Cambridge School of Distance Education. 

Luxury Watch Accessories

With over 32,070 watch winders sold, 2,304 happy clients, and 240 special editions, Richman Luxury’s space in the world of Luxury watches and accessories has been solidified.  

To experience the company’s elite world, visit the official website at www.richmanwatchwinder.com.sg 


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