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Real Estate Energized: The Power of TBB Real Estate in Costa Blanca, Spain

Luxury Boutique Real Estate Investment Consultancy in Costa Blanca


TBB Real Estate (Ter Brugge Barton) is a renowned Luxury Boutique Real Estate Investment Consultancy based in the beautiful town of Moraira, known as the jewel of the Costa Blanca in Spain. Established by owner and founder Alistair Barton, the company has been providing tailored property consultancy services to a global client base since its inception in 2019. With a focus on luxury real estate and investments, TBB Real Estate has gained recognition for its exceptional services and recently won a prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards for the Best Luxury Boutique Real Estate Investment Consultancy in Costa Blanca, Spain, 2023.

Alistair Barton has been deeply involved in the Spanish real estate market since 2004, initially working in the residential markets of the Costa Blanca. After gaining valuable experience, he relocated to the UK and expanded his expertise into offering personalized property consultancy services to clients worldwide. However, driven by a strong connection to Spain, Alistair eventually returned and reestablished his real estate journey in the country. Working alongside his partner, Leonie, they embarked on a new business venture, TBB Real Estate, which has been carefully nurtured through years of observation, learning, and dedication.

Alistair’s constant involvement in existing businesses has allowed him to stay updated on the latest trends and maintain a deep understanding of the market. Leveraging his extensive network of contacts and utilizing social platforms, he has propelled his consultancy forward with genuine content and unwavering hard work.

What sets TBB Real Estate apart is the truly bespoke service provided by Alistair himself. Acting as the primary point of contact from the initial inquiry to the final transaction, Alistair builds lasting relationships based on trust and reliability. Clients appreciate the personal touch and direct involvement of the company’s founder throughout their buying or selling journey. The successful real estate company primarily operates in the North Costa Blanca region in Spain, with a special focus on the Costa Del Sol for investment opportunities.

TBB Real Estate offers unique services centered around Alistair’s extensive local network and ability to provide a luxury consultancy experience. Many of the properties sold by TBB Real Estate are not publicly listed, as the company excels at sourcing exclusive opportunities and ensuring the utmost discretion for all parties involved. Moreover, Alistair has cultivated relationships with master constructors, experienced architects, and designers, guaranteeing a seamless journey for clients and ensuring their projects meet the highest standards. Additionally, Alistair has connections in luxury boat sales and car sales, catering to clients seeking lifestyle options beyond real estate.

At TBB Real Estate, the team understands that finding a dream home goes beyond the transaction itself—it’s about immersing clients in the extraordinary lifestyle experiences that the Costa Blanca offers. By sharing the wonders of their incredible location, the TBB team aims to help clients call it home and create unforgettable memories.

With a commitment to creativity and innovation, TBB Real Estate offers a free consultation to explore the unique story of every property. Their in-house creative team swiftly gets to work, highlighting each property’s unique selling points and leveraging the power of social media and valued contacts. The firm showcases the property’s story through visually engaging content, reaching the most relevant buyers worldwide.

In addition to their core real estate services, the boutique real estate firm also offers comprehensive property management solutions. From assisting clients throughout the initial purchase process to overseeing renovations, furnishing, and even short and long-term residential rental options, TBB Real Estate ensures that every aspect of property ownership is seamlessly managed. Their expertise extends to property resale, providing clients with guidance and support when they decide to sell their investments.

To make TBB Real Estate your real estate partner today, visit http://www.tbb.realestate/


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