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TBB Real Estate




TBB Real Estate is a boutique luxury agency founded by Alistair Barton, a seasoned professional with 17 years of experience in the real estate industry. Based in the picturesque town of Moraira on the Spanish Costa Blanca, TBB specializes in luxury resale properties and new construction projects.

With a background in the Spanish residential markets and tailored property consultancy, Alistair brings extensive knowledge and expertise to the company. His commitment to staying current with industry trends, a strong network of contacts, and dedication to pushing the business forward ensure that TBB Real Estate remains at the forefront of the Costa Blanca real estate market.

TBB Real Estate’s main services revolve around buying and selling properties. When buying, they carefully listen to their clients’ requirements before selecting properties that closely match their needs. In selling properties, they capture the essence and individual story of each property, utilizing top-notch technology to create engaging and honest content that virtually transports buyers to the location.

TBB Real Estate is also well-versed in assisting property investors in building profitable income streams from their portfolios. Drawing on their extensive personal and professional experience, they offer guidance in international markets to help make informed investment decisions.

TBB Real Estate provides comprehensive property management services, from assisting with the initial purchase process to handling renovations, furnishing, and short or long-term residential rentals. They strive to make property ownership seamless and stress-free.

Additionally, TBB Real Estate excels in the construction field, catering to investors seeking returns or individuals looking to build their dream homes. They offer a complete range of services, including interior design partnerships with top names in the area, ensuring they meet your unique style and vision.

With a commitment to excellence, deep industry knowledge, and personalized service, TBB Real Estate is your ideal partner for luxury real estate ventures in the Costa Blanca region.

Luxury Boutique Real Estate Investment Consultancy in Costa Blanca
TBB Real Estate - Boutique Real Estate Investment Consultancy in Costa Blanca
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