John Jacob Interiors: Luxury of Experiencing Exciting Spaces

A sense of home and connection to it has always been one of the main luxuries available to man. More recently, it has taken on a special meaning: during pandemics and lockdowns, the place where people have to spend most of their time becomes a major source of energy, inspiration, and well-being. And this is a reason to once again ask the question: what is the perfect home? How to create a space that is in harmony with the inner world of the home’s inhabitants?  

For many years, John Jacob Interiors has been creating exciting environments in different parts of the world, providing customers with a precious sense of space. Numerous successful and stylish projects have already brought brand recognition on the international stage, and this year, its list of accolades was complemented by the status of the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in South Africa. 

John Jacob Interiors is the brainchild of South African interior and architectural designer John Jacob Zwiegelaar. From a young age, John was attracted to everything related to lifestyle and wanted to tie his life to the hotel and restaurant business. However, after gaining experience in the hospitality industry in Ireland, he realized that he was not so much interested in the operational side of hotels but rather in the design and development of spaces. After earning a degree at the University of Cape Town, John Jacob studied at Design Time in Cape Town. And in 2005, he founded his own interior architecture and design studio, which quickly gained the status of one of the most prominent interior design studios in South Africa and also far beyond. 

The John Jacob Interiors portfolio includes a long list of extremely stylish bespoke interiors, each one so different from the other that it’s hard to believe they were created by one person. However, it could not be otherwise, as John develops each project as a meaningful narrative that communicates with the client and creates a specific experience based on the client’s ideas, vision, and requirements. In the process, JJ Zwiegelaar collaborates with South African artists, sculptors, antique dealers, galleries, and fabric houses as needed to ensure client satisfaction. The boundless creativity and broad range of competencies of John and his team allow the studio to perform all aspects of design, including architectural design, custom furniture design, interior design, and garden care. 

Interiors designed by John Jacob Zwiegelaar always work closely with the context, harmoniously continuing and developing the architectural style of the building. In all of the designer’s projects, perfect proportions, consistently high-quality materials, finishes, and bespoke details stand out, allowing for additional layers of meaning and giving the interior a sophisticated finishing touch. 

Projects designed with the holistic approach of John Jacob Interiors, where every detail and element is sensitively incorporated to engage the senses, have been realized in a variety of building types, from the average small apartment to a luxurious spacious oceanfront villa. John Jacob’s bespoke interiors can be found not only in his native South Africa but also in projects across the globe. His projects grace the pages of the most famous and reputable media about design. And the reason is obvious: John Jacob Zwiegelaar’s work is imbued with great talent and passion, giving life to spaces that are transformed into exciting experiences. And that is valuable not just during lockdowns. It is valuable all the time. 

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