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Emperio Yachting Alliance




Best Luxury Yacht Management Company in Greece

Emperio Yachting Alliance P.C. is a ‘one-stop-shopping’ luxury yacht agency established by yacht-owners, who seek absolute excellency with their assets management. The company lives and breathes innovation and experiences and  are the only yacht management company where the yacht owners are shareholders too.

Operated by renowned ex yacht Captains, Emperio Yacht Alliance provides a range of unmatched yacht services in Greece and the east Mediterranean, with headquarters in Athens, Greece.  They specialize in large private and charter yachts and have a well-trained experienced team, with an agent at every port.

The company was founded with the aim of providing high quality and transparent processes of planning and controlling the acquisition, operation, maintenance, chartering performance and renewal of yachts under management. These processes are improving the delivery potential of the assets and minimizing the costs and risks involved, with the end goal of growing the assets’ value, availability, integrity and income.

Emperio Yachting has invested in an ultramodern cloud-based platform which provides to the involved parties 24/7 instant access to the Reporting Suite and tools, budgets, multi-currency accounting, credit cards monitoring, different levels of permissions, as well as the Charter APA account, charter trip management, and documentation and management of the list of preferences.

The inventive company has deservedly received a Luxury Lifestyle Awards in 2022.

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