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Richman Luxury




Richman Luxury is a retail store established in Singapore that specializes in watch winders for automatic watches, founded by Dr. Jin Wu – an entrepreneur with multi-businesses under her wing. A global adventurer, author to numerous articles, life coach, the Founder of Richman Watch Winder, Founder of Richman Luxury, and Founder of Jinwu Jewellery.

Jin Wu establishes Richman Foundation for Causes Jin Wu’s cares about animal welfare, arts, and culture, children, education, poverty alleviation, homeless people, social services. One of Jin Wu’s campaigns, the “Santa Claus Mission to Millions” where orphans around the world receive unexpected gifts. Jin’s beliefs are to bring Love, Peace, Happiness, and teach kindness. Always be open, patient, and humble. Treat everyone with respect, everything with compassion. “My religion is simple. Mine religion is kindness.” –Dr. Jin Wu, Founder of Richman Foundation. . Founder of Richman Luxury, Jin Goh, an avid watch lover and passionate about automatic watches, make sure that your automatic watches get the proper care they deserve. Our aim has always been to create affordable watch winders in a market for owners, collectors and enthusiasts of fine wristwatches. We provide only the best watch winders that will wind your automatic watch according to its specification so that your watch is well-maintained. We make sure that the parts of our winders that come in contact with your valuable watch are made of luxurious and safe material that is friendly to leather, stainless steel and ceramic bracelets. Our collection of super-silent winders that comes with three alternating direction modes for charging up automatic watches. With its timeless high gloss polished lacquer chassis made of timber, its interior reveals a classical impression of velvety suede ready to hold your bespoke watches. The Richman team intends to continue building their brand presence across the globe.

A watch winder is a device used to keep automatic (also known as self winding) watches running when not worn. Automatic watches operate on the principle of winding themselves using a moving weight inside the watch. The weight swings or rotates while the watch is worn and turns the winding mechanism inside the watch. So, fairly obviously, if the watch is not worn, then it no longer receives power this way and will run down. While virtually all automatic watches can be manually wound, this is not always convenient. So the concept of an automatic watch winder was born. A watch winder is a device which holds a watch (or often more than one) and moves it in a circular patterns to emulate the necessary parts of human motion to operate the self- winding mechanism.

Currently, Jin Wu is the Founder of the Richman Foundation. A global mission to educate, inspire, and change the world through the Pay Peace Forward movement, which will be a catalyst to achieve the United Nations 17th Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Jin Wu is a recipient of the World Peace Award 2020. The Green and White Nigeria Achievers Award 2020 recognizing and celebrating exceptional achievers. The Peace Award recognizing the contributions of individuals in fostering peace and security in Nigeria and the World. During the Covid- 19 Pandemic, Jin contributed in writing to the magazine book title on topics- Pay Kindness Forward on Love, Peace, Happiness and Kindness and how firms can build a sustainable future in the face of Covid-19.

Jin Wu received an Honorary Doctorate in Philanthropy from Saint Mother Theresa University for Digital Educational Excellence and Sustainability Development and World Peace accredited by World Sign JBR HARVARD USA. Affiliated to Cambridge School of Distance Education, the UK on 29th August 2021 and further wrote research papers for St. Mother Teresa University on 26th of August 2020 as it is Mother Teresa’s 110th Birth Anniversary and to commemorate her birthday, Jin is part of the writing research paper presentations in her respect entitled, “Can Love bring peace and Happiness during crisis lockdown.” These articles resonate with me in believing that the nation, country, and the world seek Love, Peace, and Happiness. The world is invited to spread compassion, kindness, and hope in the face of the Covid- 19 pandemic and stand together during difficult times. Shaping peace together.

Jin: If you had to teach something, what would you teach? Pay Peace Forward System: We can change our world for the better, not through the use of force, but by developing inner peace. It may feel like a huge task, but peace must be created by humanity, which are a collection of individuals. If one person creates inner peace within themselves and shares it with ten other people and each of them does the same — we can imagine influencing all 7 billion human beings.

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