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Welcome to ZUNANI, the home of luxury in a glass. Founders Nina and Nadja invite you to embark on a journey of indulgence and sophistication with the world’s first luxury sparkling wine, perfected with the essence of real white truffles. At ZUNANI, they believe that life’s special moments deserve to be celebrated in style.

Immerse yourself in a completely new and exclusive experience as you savor the delicate flavors of white truffles. ZUNANI takes pride in its commitment to using only natural ingredients, foregoing artificial flavors to ensure an extraordinary, inspiring taste. Years of passionate product development have culminated in this luxurious world first, available exclusively at ZUNANI.

ZUNANI is nestled in the heart of Zurich’s Old Town, where the successful company began, and from this central location, they orchestrate every aspect of their enterprise.

ZUNANI guarantees a sublime Italian truffle taste experience, coupled with uncompromising Swiss quality. Their exclusive sparkling wine is produced under stringent quality requirements, ensuring that each sip is a delicate delight. Originating from idyllic vines that grace soft hills in a sun-drenched landscape, their exquisite grapes flourish in a region renowned for its exceptional quality.

To refine their luxury sparkling wine, they utilize a natural truffle extract derived exclusively from real white truffles. Hand-picked from Italy, these prized truffles, known as Tuber magnatum, undergo an ancient traditional fermentation process to extract their essence. This extraordinary fermentation process enables them to infuse the fine sparkling wine with the full complexity of the white Piedmont truffle’s aroma.

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