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Artémis Vines




Artémis, being the Olympian goddess of the hunt, the moon, and fierce protector of innocence, is the perfect representation of our brand. Founded by the incomparable Paradise Rodriguez-Bordeaux, Artémis Vines represents all that she stands for: Truth, Compassion, and Unapologetic Ambition.

The Artémis Collections were formed during the same time Paradise’s novel “Finding Paradise” was written. The Artémis Collections are known to be associated with only the best skincare, couture products and more. We are now proud , and excited, to introduce our latest addition to The Artémis Collections: Artémis Vines.

Artémis Vines are ever expanding. The core of this company is Quality and Community. We believe in creating a quality product that serves our communities, globally. Because Artémis Vines has vineyards around the world (USA, Europe with plans to expand to Australia, Asia, and Africa), we are able to create jobs around the world and opportunities to help the communities where our vineyards reside.

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