Pegasus Global Development (Holdings) Ltd.

Pegasus Global Development (Holdings) Ltd. ’s global headquarters are based in Hong Kong and in the Middle East.

The company is devoted to a variety of brand development and luxury lifestyle management services worldwide.

Over the past 15 years, the Pegasus Global brand has been famously operating in the luxury lifestyle industry in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

They provide property investment, resort development, private club investment and management, marine services, aviation services, luxury lifestyle brand development and trade services.

Ocean Paradise in Qatar, a project developed by Pegasus Global Development (Holdings) Ltd., is an unrivalled floating villa that form the unique style as opposed to traditional way of leisure. The extraordinary design, advanced technical production and modern architecture aesthetics provide a new possibility for luxury living.

The floating piled houseboat is the water-loving living platform that between the living wharf boat and the non –motor houseboat, and ingeniously integrates the yacht, and non motor houseboat has become a new hydrophilic living mode in Europe, America and Asia.

The shape design is inspired by the sea life seahorse. Due to large spacious characteristics, wide deck, all round viewing and strong hydrophilicity, it is equivalent to a garden house floating on the sea, which ensure a quality lifestyle of waterfront leisure and slow life.

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